ND555 Rattle

So it seems after a month of ownership a rattle has developed on my unit. At least I don’t think I heard this before. It’s not a loud rattle but when I walk near my system I can hear it. I have hardwood floors and the unit is housed in a walnut cabinet. If I tap the top of the unit somewhat slightly I can make it rattle.

The SQ seems to be perfectly fine… but, and this is the kicker, the rattling is really bothering my wife… which means the great SQ that the ND555 produces is for naught.

Curious if other owners have a similar experience with their units (I suspect it’s the springed suspension inside the unit causing the noise) before I bring this to my dealers attention.

If your hardwood floors are sprung then it could be causing movement to the ND555 and with the sprung mass loading on the boards, it could be causing the rattle. It’s also worth checking that all of the transit bolts are fully removed from underneath…

Easy way to tell, refit the transit screws and see if the rattle goes away

My ND555 rattles, or rather tinkles, when I walk past it. It didn’t do this when first installed but I assume the spings suspending the sub-assemblies will tend to bed in under the weight of what they are suspending.

And, yes, the transit bolts have definitely been removed and SQ is sublime.

If I give the front of the Fraim shelf on which my 555 sits a light tap, the suspension springs do indeed rattle for about 2 seconds. If I do a downwards tap on the case it does not rattle, so it seems it is a lateral tap that excites the springs. I suspect, but have never had it confirmed, that this is normal and nothing to worry about. My Fraim sits on a carpeted suspended concrete floor so I imagine a sprung wooden floor would be more likely to excite the suspension.

Mine also ‘rattled’ slightly when tapped on top corner. It turned out to be the front right hand foot that was not ‘mating’ perfectly to the Fraim glass shelf - the shelf itself was not perfectly flat. This was not evident on installation. I could ‘just about’ slide a post-it note underneath the foot - which cured it! Changed that shelf to go under the more compliant feet of one of the 555 power supplies. All fine now.

Forgot to say that due to the weight distribution of the ‘box’ it was very difficult to spot.

Same problem with my ND555 but
according to Naim it is not something I should worry


I think it depends on whether it is a jangle, a rattle or a tinkle. :wink:

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