ND555 Roon issue

Just wondering if anybody else has experienced this.

Yesterday evening happily playing music via Roon to my ND555 and half way through an album the ND555 stops dead and the Roon app tells me ‘Audio Device refuses to switch input to Roon’ which since it was playing was a bit surprising.

ND555 frozen on all feeds including UPNP from NAS but ok on reboot and has been fine since. Doesn’t appear to be a Roon issue as second system Nova was fine at the time.

Do you mean that after restarting, the streamer worked on UPnP, but still wouldn’t work with Roon?

No, sorry Chris.

I mean it wouldn’t work on anything then on reboot all was ok.

Strange, maybe the streamer lost its network connection and the restart sorted it out. You’ll probably never know, unless it becomes a recurrent problem, in which case you’re obviously going to want a fix.

I wonder if the IP address lease renewed on the streamer and there was some sort incompatibility or transitory hiccup with you ND555 and router/DHCP server. if it happens once then I would ignore. If it happens again try fixing the IP address on your router DHCP section for your ND555 and the might remedy this.

I wish Naim would support IPv6 and all this sort of silly going on that you have with IPv4 all disappears.


Could be but I agree, if it doesn’t happen again I will just put it down to experience.

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I have had this a few times on my Atom, but not when it’s actually playing. It’s done it when I have swapped inputs to Roon from another such as UPnP or ChromeCast. Mine also froze when I was experimenting with ethernet cables recently. Does not like it’s connection being disturbed and reconnected at all.

Ahh SPDIF connection on the new streamers is bug ridden… somewhat unusable at the moment unless you disable auto stand by… been waiting for a bug fix since January on that one,

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