ND555 vs LP12

I’ve never heard head to head ND555 vs LP12 but in my experience you just can’t rank digital replay against vinyl, completely different. Even a Rega P3 is going to do things differently to a ND555 which could be preferable. Ultimately I prefer the presentation of my Roksan/Vertere over my CDS3 but that’s as far as it goes. I think the more important issue is what is the most convenient for you and where are you coming from? Have you got a significant vinyl collection? If you have then a good TT is going to be a sound investment.



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I have ND555 plus two CD555PSDR and an LP12, the build of which is detailed in my profile. They both sound very good. Some days I prefer one, other days I prefer the other, which I guess is determined by the recordings I choose to listen to etc. Time of day makes a difference I’ve found. So I’d agree with those who say simply that neither one sounds better, they just sound different. On a vfm basis the LP12 wins, but then records are more expensive (and variable in quality).

Better than both is the NAT01, but unfortunately you don’t get to choose what’s being played.



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Whilst I generally prefer the sound quality presentation from my vinyl source, I have to note that quite a few of my LPs are of such poor audio quality that it would make little difference irrespective of monies spent on the record player - they will continue to sound dull as dishwater. Disturbingly, this problem is not restricted to any vintage of manufacture, not indeed price - I have had a few absolute howlers from the self declared (and priced) top quality vinyl offerings. Often, the ND555 can step in with a better and more ‘listenable’ offering.