ND555 vs LP12

I’ve seen this comparison made a few times recently and so felt it might make for a decent thread.

Ideally, from those who have lived with both at the same time.

So, how do they compare with ND555 in single and dual PS mode? And given that the LP12 comes in many forms, how do they compare £ for £?

I’m not thinking convenience or cost of media, where the ND555 will be an obvious and clear winner. But purely in terms of SQ.

Interesting that you’ve put the cost comparison into the mix as it is a bit of a leveller. I tend to forget the value of an ND555 and two power supplies. If they’re new it’s a lot of cash and you could get you a very good turntable for that sort of money.

In comparison to my reasonably well spec’d LP12 I’d say, depending on music type, quality of recording and resolution of recording the Naim streamer with two supplies can sound better than my LP12. Although I’m more comfortable with the word ‘different’ rather than better. If I start a session with the LP12 I usually listen to it all evening as there’s something a bit captivating about good analogue recordings once you get started. On the other hand the scale, musicality and shear control of the ND can be just as breathtaking. I do find that good streaming takes me on a bit of an adventure. Not only with the quality of music but the quantity. I’ve discovered more music in the last couple of years than the previous thirty!

If I could only live with one then I reckon it might be the streamer for its ease of use and versatility but I would definitely miss that tactile interaction with the old vinyl.



Is that an analogue image of an apple and a computer generated image of an apple based on what the selected algorithm calculates an apple should look like? :grinning:


Don’t know what level LP12 you need to get to nd555 level, but really the turntable is always going to sound different, and that in it’s self is the first hurdle to overcome.
But the reality is normally the turntable can easily out preform digital and you need to go much further than nd555 to try and close that gap.
I find the rega P8 level is normally better than most dac’s can do, not sure what level LP12 that would be, as to me they are very different sounding decks.


I’ve a ND555 with the 555PS and a Valhalla/Ittok LP12 that is about to be upgraded to a Seleck level. My feeling is that analogue records from the 70/80’s will be best on the LP12, but modern well recorded hi-res recordings will be better on the ND555. The recording quality stills holds as the most important I find, over the source.

A lot of what I listen to isn’t available on vinyl, but I have a good size collection of vinyl from the 70/80’s and still buy new LPs of recordings from that era. So, it’s horses for courses.

But…… I think a good LP12 is much better value over a ND555, all other things being equal.


So, as you know Stu I have heavily upgraded my LP12, to full Klimax level and my NDS with two PSs.

The NDS sounds fantastic. But the LP12 sounds better by some margin. However, to buy new it now represents a £25k source and I spent around £15k on upgrades on it.

As for NDS I am considering going for ND555, but am hanging fire as prices are still north of £10k.

At this level, it becomes big money. My next move will be ND555. I hope it’s considerably better than NDS.

Best wishes,



Agree, except 60s/70s/80s Vinyl. 90s/00s/10s ripped CD and 20s 'favourite on Qobuz (+ new vinyl for things I really like a lot…)


Ha, I got my years wrong! I’ve fixed that now. I’m too young for the 60’s though :smile:


Spot on Mike :+1:

I can’t speak to the ND555 bit, but your question in part defines to digital v analogue preferences, which are personally subjective. I concur with @Mike_S 's view that old vinyl will sound best on a good quality vinyl spinner, whether this be an LP12 or a.n.other. I also find vinyl to be smoother, less frequency extreme, so it can assist with room issues. The downside is all that vinyl noise, need for care, and the dreaded rice crispies, unless you get a better quality deck which is quiet – and I’ve only found this with top-quality LP12s, and other competitor decks are quieter.

I’d submit it’s not quite ‘apples and oranges’ as @Skeptikal suggests as you’re still listening to music :grin: – but, and I think we all know this, many analogue to digital transfers of legacy recordings weren’t done well, so an ND555 could well be hobbled, unless there’s been that magical remastering?

This is classic, only your own ears and preferences can decide territory, especially give the dough involved!


My LP12 /Ekos 2/Lingo 1 without mains filter, musically easily outperforms a NDS 2x555 PS .



Cartridge AT 33PTG 2 and Linn Troika

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I think at that level, both will be limited by the quality of the mastering/recording.
I hear this even with my NDX2 and LP12 Accurate Plus.


Same here with NSC222/NPX300 v Vertere DG1/redlines/phono-1/challeger PS.


To my old ears, Hot Rats, Bert Jansch, Pieces of a Man, Ziggy et al stay on vinyl, but 90% of classical and anything recorded in the last 20 years are on Qobuz (or Tidal or CD).

You could audibly improve either of your excellent sources if you wanted. However, my guess is that music that sounds best to you on LP today will probably continue to do so, however much you spend, and the same applies to most or all of the music you prefer already on the streamer.

I should say that I added an XPSDR to my NDX2. Later, I swapped LP12/Cirkus/ Kore/Lingo4 for a Stiletto LP12 with Karousel/ Keel / Radikal 1. Both were good upgrades (the second a bit bigger overall), but there is little if any music that swapped from preferred-on-LP to preferred-on-streamer.

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I have an ND555 with 2 555PS DR and a Chord Music interconnect and a full Klimax LP12 (but ‘only’ a Kandid) and Superlumina Interconnect. Generally the vinyl always sounds ‘better’, but Hi Res recent masterings on Qobuz are often close. Definite improvements with vinyl when using the Audiodesk cleaner.


Have the ND555 with single PS and LP12-50 50th anniversary edition.
Both sound different however I enjoy both but at present the LP12-50 is getting more play time


Probably not a relevant comment at all but with Dave Mscaler I stopped buying vinyl

Some vinyl pressings seem to be converted to analogue for final signal during manufacturing of the master vinyl by a chord Dave anyway.

Yes true analogue recording without AD and DA conversion sound magical but then even my Naim Dac V1 was making some magically engaging music for me. ND555 is much superior

The sheer amount of music that is available on digital means vinyl is a pretty redundant format for me now. And it only took a DAC V1 for me to reach that outcome

I still do plan to buy an LP12 because it’s the best turntable I like for what I value in musical replay… but saving my money for a new Chord Mscaler that is better than the existing one