I have just upgraded from NDS to ND555, and I have a couple of questions
1.How do I turn off the main screen when I am listening to music……!
2 The remote for my old NDS had volume and mute buttons which operated my 552 volume and mute controls
I am guessing that the interconnecting hi-line carried the “message” from NDS to 552?
The remote for the ND555 has volume and mute buttons but these do not operate in the same way as with the NDS
I have a suspicion that I need to connect a (mono?) cable with 3.5 mm jacks between RC5 sockets on ND555 and 552?

Please could someone confirm this is/is not the case?


  1. In other settings, go to display and select turn off during playback.

  2. The NDS has an RF remote, so the volume buttons can control the 552 directly. The 555 has a Zigbee remote so cannot control the 552. As you surmised, you need a suitable wire between the two. You than enable system automation, which means you can control the 552 volume and switching via the 555 remote or the app. Make sure you choose the input that the 555 is physically connected to, when setting up system automation in the app. You don’t need a fancy wire, £2 or so should do it.

I find the system automation most useful for auto-chaning the input on the 552 back to the ND555 when I cue up a song in Roon having previously been playing an LP. I think the battery lasts miles longer on the 552 remote than on the zigbee one. I end up not really using the ND555 remote very much. Even if it is miles nicer than the one for the Nova or NDX2 (albeit the same inside).

Welcome back to the forum Laurie.

@laurie , nice to see someone with the SME 20/3/ Graham Phantom/ Lyra Titan i. How does it compare to Nd555?

Yes, serious turntable, arm and cartridge, wonder what phono stage is used?

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Superline/ Supercap

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