ND5XS - 2012 > Quobuz upgrade

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Would it be possible to install via new firmware

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The ND5XS is a legacy streamer that is only supported for bug fixes and essential updates to keep it working in its current form.

The original ND5-XS does not support Qobuz natively, and never will, as per Naim. You could get it to work otherwise by using some kind of bridge device. When I still had my ND5-XS I used Roon and a Logitech Squeezebox Touch to feed a Qobuz stream to the DAC input of my ND5-XS. In the end I decided that was all too fussy and didn’t sound good enough, so I sold it and got a NDX2, which sounds far better anyway. A ND5-XS2 will also provide similar benefit for less money.

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You can use software such as bubble upnp to stream qobuz to an nd5xs. There are several threads on this eg Qobuz on older streamers - #3 by Paul_C
There won’t be an upgrade via firmware to add qobuz.

If you have an iPad download the MConnectHD app, it works very well with first gen Naim streamers and sounds good.

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