ND5XS connect with 5 din to Superuniti, signal ground switch

I want to (temporary) connect a mint ND5XS with the lavender 5-5 din cable to a Superuniti. Wich setting for signal ground on both units?

If you normally have the SU ground switch set to chassis, then set it to floating and set the ND5 XS to chassis.

thanx you James!

Connect the Nd5xs with grey 5-5din to the Superuniti. Streaming (spotify/Tidal/iRadio) or my Audiolab CDT6000 (coax dig in) sounded better than via SU’s internal streamer/DAC. More grunt, more layered, more textured, wider soundstage. So the SU is a very good standalone amp with less good as a streamer/DAC. I honestly cannot explain that?