ND5XS Display failed

ND5XS Display failed. Is it a matter of preferences that I’ve forgotten or do I have to order a new display?
Greetings, Dre

It’s a common failure. Mine is fading but still just visible. Naim can fix it but I don’t know what the turnaround time is.
You have to liaise with your dealer to get the cost of the replacement but expect around £160 quid assuming you’re in the UK.

I’m in the Netherlands. Rather a lot of money and I guess there will be cost of repair. With the Naim app I can play music but how with changing settings? Is there a way to set preferences etc without the display?

I didn’t think it was too costly TBH, the main inconvenience for me would be no streaming whilst it’s away being fixed.

It’s pretty difficult working blind with the settings…
I’ve ensured mine is using the settings I need for when the display has gone completely.

I think the 160 is the all-inclusive price

all-inclusive, that would be nice. I’ll ask a NAIM dealer.

How about updating the software. Do you know if that’s possible without display?

There is another thread where someone changed the inputs without display. But it’s not so easy, you may need someone to tell you the steps and I don’t have one. Maybe the advice in this post from the other thread helps:

You don’t need the display to work to do the firmware update. But you need patience as the streamer lags a bit (but only by say one minute) behind the PC software.

But if you have the display changed, which I highly recommend, then whoever does it will do a firmware update as part of the process of changing the display.

Good idea, I’ll contact Latham.
Thanks very much to all of you for your help.

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