ND5XS Display failed

Hi - bit of a long shot this! I have an ND5XS which was playing via a Hugo DAC into my Nait amp. Unfortunately the Hugo has stopped working. I would change the output from the ND5 to analogue and connect straight to the amp but the screen on the ND5 has also failed so I can’t see the menus to make the change. I’m guessing I am stuck until I can get either or both fixed but would be interested to hear if there is a workaround. Thanks

This can be done using the spanner button on the remote and the menus. You should be able to work it out from the manual, unless a software update has changed the menu order. If not, @Stevesky may be kind enough to post the presses here.

Thanks. I’ll have a play with the remote later - when the sitting room isn’t being used for Zoom meetings!

Assuming the sequence is the sam for the ND5XS as the NDS which I own this is the sequence.

Press Spanner
4 downs and OK (Analogue Outputs menu)
OK (Selects main out)

This takes you into the Main Out menu which displays the options in this order


The cursor will be positioned on the currently selected option. I assume you disabled so it will be at the top. Do the necessary cursor movements to select the option you want. I.e. if you have disabled and want Din do 1 cursor down.

Press OK to confirm
Then press Exit

To disable digital out

5 cursor downs
Cursor Down

Hope this helps


Well done Richard. My 272 has a different menu so I wasn’t able to do that. Fingers crossed for @hughcraig

Well - it worked! Thank you both. Its not my main system but it’s nice to have it back working again. To be honest it doesn’t really need a DAC so, as long as I don’t fiddle with the settings, it should keep me going for some time. For the most part I don’t really need the ND5 display - it’s too far away from my ageing eyes to see anyhow!


Wrt the display, I’m on a legacy streamer, is it possible to disable the display completely? All I’ve been able to do is limit the display to 10 seconds per the menu but was wondering if there’s another option to disable completely. I’m interested in preserving the display as long as I can.

You can’t eliminate it completely but at 10 secs it should be fine. I’ve got four legacy streamers here of up to 5 years old and all the displays have been set to come on for 10 secs only and all have displays that still work perfectly.



Ok, thanks, good to know. Hopefully that’s the ticket to long lasting displays.

Hi everyone. Unfortunately I can also report display failure of display on ND5 XS production year 2013.
Display become barely visible and its matter of days to become invisible completely. It is hard to believe that they can put in such expensive units such cheap lousy display in 21st century. Very disappointed.

My NDS’s screen has also failed recently
Must be a virus going around ?

Screen death on my ND5 XS … Not a cheap repair.

My ND5XS display gave up a couple of years ago, I think it’s a 2013 model. How much of a repair bill are we talking about? It would be nice to have it back even though I use the app.

It really should be recognised as a defect by naim…and replaced however old the unit is
Jap stuff from the 80s / 90s still work…it’s not as if is cutting edge technology or anything!!

I think mine is also a 2013 model (perhaps not a good vintage). I agree though - its not cutting edge technology and Naim should replace regardless of age. I have asked my dealer a couple of times to give me an idea of the replacement cost but have had no response. Perhaps too embarrassed to say!!

Screen is about £350 fitted on a UQ I think it’s the same crappy screen on the ND5XS.

£330 …

You’re kidding, wow. It was one of the first Naim products I owned and I think it’s brilliant but come on, for a display to just go blank after a couple of years is poor. Like many I had mine set to turn off after 10 seconds so it didn’t really get used much anyway.

Well for £330 you can buy new iPad 10,2 inch or poor quality Naim green dot lcd display from last century. It’s really robbery, it should be £33 not £330. Cam on Naim stop making fool of customers.
All the units with this display will need replacement in 6-7 year of usage. Display on cheep Yamaha, Marantz, Nad, JVC , Sony works for more than twenty years with no any problems. How cam that you decide to use this lousy display on your HQ units ?

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