ND5XS Factory Reset after 4.8 Update

Reaching out for assistance by an owner of a ND5XS.
I have recently updated my ND5XS with Updater to 4.8 firmware as Tidal was giving me issues.
All went well, however it calls for a factory reset that must be done using the front LED panel on unit.
It cannot be done on the app on phone or tablet with this older model.

Can anyone let be know the sequence of keys using the remote to use when you turn unit on? This way I can try it without the screen working. The pad and buttons do.

Naim has suggested I send unit to a Naim Distributor which is some 4900 kms from me! I also never use the screen as I use the app on my iPhone or iPad. So a lot of cash for something I never use and only need to run a factory reset every now and again.

Hoping someone has an ND5XS with a working screen that can run trough this!
I had contacted several dealers in a 500 km radius and no one has this older unit or a preowned one at the moment to assist.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post.

Switch the unit on while pressing & holding the front panel stop button (hold it for at least 10 seconds).
Then press the front panel play button. Leave the unit to run through the reset procedure - 2 or 3 minutes.
Then you should be good to go.

Instructions courtesy of @NeilS

Hi Neil,

Thanks for info, but we tried this with Russell from Naim and no luck, even tried for 5 seconds to minute, each time powering off for 20 minutes to discharge caps. So either the software has put screen in lala land or screen is faulty.


In that case you might find someone who has a 1st gen streamer who can talk you through the sequence of button presses on the remote so that you can copy it ‘blind’.
For what it’s worth I did many updates on 1st gen. streamers in the past, and never bothered to factory reset them, so if everything is working for you now you could just leave it.

sequence of pressing remote

  1. press “spanner” button -->language
  2. press “up” -->factory settings
  3. press “ok/list” -->system status
  4. press “up” -->reset all settings
  5. press “ok/list” -->resetting to factory defaults. you will lose all user settings. press front pannel Play to continue.
  6. press “Play”
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Hi Dano, I have a 1st gen ND5 with a working display, but as Chris says, I have never had to do a factory reset after an update.

I would follow the steps outlined by iamlbj.

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