Nd5xs file interrupted

Hi all,

Could anyone please explain why my nd5xs decides not to play some file flac in my library?
This occurs randomly. When I’m there with the app running, some file are interrupted or not managed.
Im sorry if this topic was already opened but im new and im Just learning to use this community.
Thanks to all Who will reply me.

You’d need to provide more details. Same file all the time? Network setup? Nas? Media Server?

Also (in addition to Guinnless requests) where did the FLAC files come from:
Are they ripped CD’s if so what ripping software was used
Are they www downloads, from where & who was the www vendor

I have a sneaky suspicion they might be iTunes, in which case that is the problem

Nas : my cloud Western Digital 2 Tb.
File flac ripped with monkey audio. Network setup, nd5xs linked via ethernet to a switch and then to internet.

All ripped CD. No itunes, no Apple.
The strange thing is that sometimes they work and sometimes no. In this last period they never worked.

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Twonky or Plex as the media server?

Sorry but dont understand what you mean with twonky or plex…
Could you please explain? Tks

What media server are you using?

The software to manage media is the one standard with my cloud nas.

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