Nd5xs hopelessly sick?

I have an nd5xs from a few years ago. It is one of those whose display, despite the fact that the display had automatic shutdown in a short time, has been off for years now. Of course, with the app, it was no great harm. Recently to continue using Tidal I had to update firmware of the device and version of the app. They are now the latest version, but everything has been working terribly since then. It sees the network little or poorly, if it does see it often there are interruptions, when it goes well it manages to work for a certain number of songs and then it inexorably refuses. Some times it is just the app that doesn’t work and won’t even let me change sources . I have reinstalled firmware and app, but to no avail. How can I get out of this?

Can you try a cabled connection to the internet?

Did you do a ‘factory reset’ of the streamer after updating?

Not yet, my Ethernet cable is too short.

That is.what I was going to suggest, but it may be tricky with a dead screen unless one knows the exact sequence of button presses.

It’s definitely worth doing this.

The ND5 XS is not great at connecting via WiFi. If it is struggling now and was not before, it might be tempting to blame the update, but that will not be the cause.

Try it via cabled Ethernet and see if that works. If it does, there are options such as mesh wifi (I use Netcomm Orbi for example).


Factory reset? How should I do it ( my display is off so I can’t use that way)

I am not so sure about doing a factory reset.

If you do that, you’ll have to reconnect to wifi again and typing the password would be difficult!

I would suggest trying Ethernet cable first and see how that goes.

But others have more experience than I do so perhaps have better suggestions.

I will get a longer cable, but it had always worked well with wifi. By the way, even with a nearby extender I had not been able to solve the problem

maybe it’s the wrong section, I apologize…

The key is to use an Ethernet cable to connect the ND5 XS to the internet, not wifi. This should be completely reliable. If this does not work then I think a factory reset is a good idea.

1 try Ethernet cable

If that doesn’t work:
2 factory reset
(try first with Ethernet cable)
If that doesn’t work, the issue is probably more serious
3 if it does work, try wifi again

Try this:
Switch the unit on while pressing & holding the front panel stop button (hold it for at least 10 seconds).
Then press the front panel play button. Leave the unit to run through the reset procedure - 2 or 3 minutes.

But after doing the factory reset would I be able to restore operation without being able to use the display?

It may be the wrong section, however, it was thaumaturgical, because it is one of those times, rare after the reset, that I was able to hear a whole song without interruption and have already moved on to the next one!!! If wired works ( and I can only do it as a test) connecting "mesh "might be better than Wi-Fi? When it works anyway it works well from the point of view of,sound, at least it seems so to me.

Yes. A mesh device would mean you can plug an Ethernet cable into the ND5 XS and do not need to use wifi. Much easier to connect, no passwords.

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