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Hi chaps.
So I think there’s another similar thread running on power supplies but if members don’t mind (and let’s keep it short and simple) I would start another.
I have an ND5XS and wondered if adding a power supply (say a XP5XS) would add much sonic benefit?
Obviously the downstream bits count…so that’s a Supernait 2 playing into a pair of bespoke made speakers (totally rebuilt Ditton 44’s…only the cabinets are original).
I also have a CD5X with a Flatcap 2X for the very occasional CD use (just about to store most of my 1200 plus CDs in the loft would you believe now I’m streaming Tidal) but wondered if it’s possible to use the second supply output on the Flatcap into the ND5XS???
Opinions and advice please.
Cheers. Gaz


I really can not offer advise on the PS, but did want to say that is lovely looking room and system…


Beat me too it. That is a cracking looking room with the plants.

How my dealer explained it to me was a ND5XS with the matching XP5XS power supply just nudges the ND5XS above the NDX in terms of performance. And then a NDX with XPSdr then blows both out of the water.

Flatcap won’t power the ND5 XS, it needs an XP5 XS or XPS.

When I had an ND5XS the dealer persuaded me to buy an XP5XS on the strength of his description of improvement. (I was buying remotely do could not hear first). I was disappointed to find the difference very subtle/marginal, and didn’t think it was anywhere near worth the cost of even the ex-demo PS - it became the one and only hifi purchase I regretted.

Some people have said it made a big difference, but not to my ears in my system/room (at that time Tag McLaren PA10 preamp, into Musical Fidelity P270, feeding IMF RSPM speakers).

I sold it on, and with the proceeds bought a Hugo DAC. The benefit of that was tremendous, the sound becoming very natural, or more analogue-like as some people put it.

Thanks chaps and yes it’s a beautiful room (Orangery) overlooking the garden and fields beyond. Only downside is I can’t get a perfect equilateral triangle due to its depth (2.5 metres) to speaker distance (5 metres) so it’s sort of near field listening.
Interesting Mr IB that you found no sonic difference…that’s pretty much made my mind up…it’s Dosh on a turntable upgrade instead :+1:

I’d say for similar money trading your streamer for an ND5XS2 would be more beneficial.

The ND5XS2 punches above its weight.


For the sake of accuracy, I actually said very subtle/marginal, not no difference!

When I first dipped my toes into the world of local digital streaming many years ago now, I auditioned the ND5XS against the Marantz NA7004, Linn Majik and a Linn Akurate that was available at ex-demo price. I intended to use the chosen unit in my second system, and did not expect to incorporate streaming in my main system.

The Akurate was clearly by far the best, but I thought at the time that streaming would play a small part in my life, and so didn’t want to pay this sort of money on a whim. I ended up buying the ND5XS which I found to be subtly better than the Majik, and the NA7004 (for a bedroom system) which was by comparison superb value for money.

The dealer I bought the streamers from attempted to convince me that Naim was the way to go because of the future upgrade options for the ND5XS, and proceeded to demonstrate the ND5XS with the XP5XS, and then the ND5XS with nDAC powered by the XP5XS. I heard very little difference with either of those two options. They certainly did not bring the ND5XS to anything like the level of the Linn Akurate.

I haven’t heard the ND5XS2, but from my experience, I would be tempted to demo the ND5X2 (at home if possible) against your ND5XS, rather than consider adding an XP5XS.

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I had an nd5xs for a few years while saving up for an NDS. I used the 555 (non dr) that I had Previously used with my cds2. Never tried it bare, but it was terrible in comparison to NDS and CDS2 - although I did attend a demo where power supplies were added to nd5xs and then changed to ndx etx. I remember there being useful improvement from an xps (555 power supply not used in that dem). I think I would try out nd5xs2 or move to an NDX. I have in fact bought an NDX myself to use in my loft system - need to get a superNait 2 to go with that (but am being sidetracked into LP12 upgrades first) to replace the unitiqute

Funny how we have such different experiences with the same equipment. I added a XP5XS to my ND5XS and was blown away by the difference it made especially to the bass which goes deeper and hits harder. Definitely an improvement to my ears and in my setup.

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God it’s times like this you need someone around the corner to lend you one for an evening to see if it does or doesn’t make a difference.
As things stand out there in the wider economy spending what… £1200 is a chunk of cash for half an octave :roll_eyes:

Are you anywhere near a Naim dealer?

My approach would be to take the ND5XS along to the dealer & compare it with the ND5XS2, and possibly even try out your streamer with an XP5XS, although I suspect he won’t have one.

He may even offer to give you a decent part exchange on your ND5XS cutting the additional cost to not much more then the £1,200 you mention.

I’ve done all the unnecessary spending I feel comfy with at the moment.
Fortunate to have no mortgage now-days and good reserves but feel maybe it’s time to conserve them for the immediate future.
I’m a contract mechanical design engineer and fortunately Siemens (for whom I am currently working with) are very busy but that can all change at a Bavarian board meeting as one never knows. Fellow engineers out there are being laid off up and down the length of the country at the moment so maybe this power supply is a luxury too far currently.
It feels like 2007/2008 all over again only worse. :thinking::roll_eyes::confused: Sorry to sound like a gloomster but Design engineers are always at the sharp end… considered by most company bean counters as expensive resource. Which is a shame as it’s from our heads true wealth creation springs.

I have an ND5XS.
Also have a CDS3 and XPS2 (not DR but recently serviced).
When the CDS3 was away at Salisbury being repaired I used the XPS with the streamer and there was a significant improvement in SQ.
In preparation for the return of the CDS3 I bought a reasonably priced used XP5XS.
The ND5XS with the XP5XS was an advance on the bare ND5XS but not as good with the XPS. I probably should have held off for another XPS.
However I’m pleased I got it.

When I had a ND5XS I initially used it bare, and it was better than the Squeezebox 3 in the Pink Triangle DAC with 24-bit filter, which was also fed by my Meridian 200 CD transport.
The NP5XS made a noticeable difference, not necessarily to the initial HiRes recording I was starting to find, but to standard CD rips.

I then used the NP5XS with an NDS, leapfrogging the NDX completely. It did work and the improvement from ND5XS to NDS was great.
I then had the ability to pick up a 2nd hand DR’ed re-Capped 555PS for the NDS, and this is what I have today, 8 years after the ND5XS.

I have gone through server technologies, from all-NAS, to RPi for Asset/NAS to NAS, ROCK, SonoreUPnP bridge today for a Roon solution.

So not all upgrade path are simple steps.

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