Seriously considering it. Has anybody made this move? How much of an improvement would say it has been, sonically?

I’ve owned both, currently have a XS2 from
new. Overall a better product not just in terms of the audio quality. I got rid of my original XS and had a gap where I dabbled with other kit. Now happy with the XS2 as part of an all Naim system with SN2 + HCDR.


I have just made this change at the weekend. When I first connected the xs2 I wasn’t sure, but when I actually sat and relaxed and enjoyed the music it all came together. Just my opinion but I think the xs2 is more open with more detail and better bass control.
For me the change was worth it because I had a good trade in deal on my dealers ex demo.
Definitely try and have a listen I was pleasantly surprised.


Another question for OP is what is the rest of your system made up of?
It sounds like both myself and @Turbo have similar systems and have had similar systems in the past.
My ND5 XS was part of a NAIT XS and then NAIT XS2 system, I also changed the cabling over time and currently have a Hi-Line DIN for the analogue output and a Power-Line mains cable for the power input.
I think through the various changes in the system the biggest noticeable improvement was moving to the Supernait 2 from the NAIT XS2.
The sound of the ND5 XS2 is certainly more refined than the original ND5 but to me the sum of the parts make it a better streamer overall than the original with its support for Chromecast and Airplay and better Wi-Fi.
I may hard wire mine in at some point but given its location Wi-Fi meets my needs better and to my 40 something ears sounds fantastic and saves me the anguish of trying lots of different Ethernet cables out and probably spending more money than makes sense!
Others have gone that route, found positive gains and enjoy what they ended up with, mostly a subjective journey however, fair to say that it performs well over Wi-Fi whereas my original ND5 never quite seemed to be at its best over Wi-Fi.
Keep us posted on your journey, I may dabble with an NDX 2 at some point but to be fair, having had my ND5 XS2 since the start of 2019, I’ve enjoyed it a lot and once its had a few months of run in it’s a very easy box to live with and just enjoy the music with.


My ND5 XS2 definitely improved further with the addition of a Powerline. I use mine as a streamer/Transport with digital out to my Chord DAC/pre.
I like it’s flexibility with Chromecast, Bluetooth, Airplay, USB-in and the Naim Multiroom feature as well as the excellent streaming from Internet Radio, Tidal and UPNP sources.

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“Another question for OP is what is the rest of your system made up of?”

In my profile.

Thanks, did you consider a NDX 2?
If funds allow it’s worth a listen and will sit nicely in your system. Regards the ND5 XS2, it isn’t just a feature update on the original, it’s redesigned throughout and a very capable player. In my case I was leaning towards the NDX 2 but cost/budget for me couldn’t justify it and I wanted to rework my system longer term anyway with the intention to move to separates at some stage.

I went from a legacy ND5-XS to a NDX2 and it was a very significant jump in both sound quality and capability. When I had the ND5 I didn’t even listen to it much, preferring to play my analog records. Once I got the NDX2 that changed considerably, and I started giving digital source much more serious consideration.

That was the first transformative moment. The second was when I added a XPSDR. Now digital is very close in quality to my analog front end and I listen to the two about equally now, except when I have a stack of new records and favor playing those.

I considered the ND5-XS2 but decided to stretch for the NDX2 because it can be upgraded with a PSU, where the XS2 cannot. However I also really like the Zigbee remote and use that all the time. The screen is OK too, but not as important to me. My wife likes it better when it’s on displaying album art.

Hmmm. Thanks guys. I’m not Impressed with the ND5XS2’s lack of remote PSU adaptability.

Unless I come into a startlingly vast pile of cash, the NDX2 is not in the game.

When I bought my nDAC and had to switch the existing XP5XS, I had to return the ND5XS to it’s own power supply, so I think I’m going to hold out for a used XP5XS unit and return the streamer to offboard power…

Given your needs why not consider a used NDX. It will give you a nice uplift in sound quality over what you have and can be further upgraded with a power supply later.

Used NDX’s are quite a bargain at the moment. Just check the display is nice and bright or better still find one that has just had a replacement.

As @MikeD has an nDAC it would be worthwhile upgrading the nDAC PSU. Indeed I run ND5XS->nDAC->XPS.

Or consider an Innuous Zenith Mk2 or 3, even an SE.

“Given your needs why not consider a used NDX. It will give you a nice uplift in sound quality over what you have and can be further upgraded with a power supply later.”

Now THAT’S worth thinking about.

The NDX isn’t better than your nDAC though. An NDX2 might be…

But would the NDX with the nDAC be better than my ND5XS with nDAC…

I’d missed the point that you have an nDac. The NDX will make a difference but I’m guessing not much. If staying with the nDac you could replace the XPS with a non DR 555ps which is said to work really well with the nDac.

ALternatively as you have an XPS, you could consider selling the ND5XS and nDAC and purchasing a used NDS. Probably cost you a grand to do.

I have an XP5XS.

Question is, as I’m using an nDAC, and the streamer is just, er… streaming, would attaching a PSU make any diffrence to it’s performance?

Possibly, but not nearly as much as an XPSDR or 555.

Would I be able to update an NDX with firmware updates, going forward? Future-proof?

The legacy streamers are still supported for bug fixes and issues. Whether anything else comes is down to Naim.
The new streamers would be a better bet if you are looking beyond the next few years.