Hi everyone
I wanted to get some help to update my nd5xs,
to be able to listen from Tidal.con la
version 4.8
the problem is that i can’t find the rs232/usb cable
can you give me a link where i can buy it?
thank you all

As posting commercial links is not allowed, sorry… no.

The Bay Place could be your friend… :slightly_smiling_face:

There are plenty around if you ask Mr Google. I suspect it’s worth getting a decent one. I found this on RS online. Alternatively, there are plenty on Amazon, and eBay of course, as Ian mentioned above.

First thing is to confirm exactly what socket you have on your ND5 XS. It may well say RS232, but Naim made it complicated for people by labelling both sorts of sockets that way.

One is what would usually be regarded as an RS232 serial socket on a PC and the other is a mini-USB. Which of those two do you have? Post a photo of that part of the back panel if you aren’t sure.

If it’s actually a USB mini B, this is a good cable. £2.28 on Amazon.

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