New albums added to qnap network server not found on nd5xs

Which upnp server software are you running on the qnap?

QNAP server running QTS 51.2.2533
Thanks for your reply

That looks like the QNAP operating system version you are running. Do you mean that you are running the bundled UPnP media server for your music files? Not that this should matter - any proper UPnP server should work, and if it’s only some new albums that are not showing, it may be that this server needs to be made to re-scan your music folder to incorporate them.
What is the origin of the files, and do you know that they have metadata that the server can read?

Yes it is the one that came with the QNAP which has been working ok with the nx5ds. The files are ok on the QNAP and I can play them ok on other systems using UPnP. It seems that the nx5ds is not updating to include the new files

Hi Peter. Same issue with my QNAP after adding new albums.
Servers on my QNAP are Twonky and Minim.
The only way to make it work is to switch it off and on again.
Then I have to reset the Naim App and the new albums are shown.


That used to work for me but this is no longer the case. I copied some albums to an old netgear drive which the naim could see and play, also the same problem occurred with my Sonos system so I decided the problem was with the Qnap NAS drive. There are problems with upnp so I installed Minim server on the Qnap and so far all is good. I am not a big fan of the Naim app it frequently decides to play single tracks rather than complete albums or playlists and can’t find all or parts of playlists so I have to recreate them. These problems have been around for many years with no improvement not sure if the programmers do not have a solution or can’t be bothered. Shame because Maim has always had great kit, I am a big fan

Definitely not a network problem, no problems with other any parts which would throw any errors via the admin monitoring.

I agree with @jmtennapel. This will eventually turn out to be an issue with your router or network, if you actually try to find it of course.

Thanks for your comment but it cannot be the network.
Nothing shows up in the administrators fault log.

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