ND5XS2 Bluetooth

Just changed my phone to an ASUS Zenfone 9. Cannot get a Bluetooth connection to my streamer.

Tried removing other connections from the list, powering the phone down and up. No luck.

Any ideas anybody?

What do the Naim app settings show?
I’ve never used it, I wonder if that “open pairing“ needs to be active.

Don’t know how that happened, but I turned that off and on, fiddled about with the phone settings and now I’ve got a connection.

All good. Thanks for the direction. :grin:

Electronics & computing 101

I do like your avatar. I once had a copy of Genesis Live, which was not dissimilar :joy:


Are you questioning the meaning of the term? I understand it to mean the image used to represent an individual. In @daddycool’s case a picture of a dished record.

Yes @Clive it’s a dished record, but even more accurately it’s a picture of a fruit/salad bowl made from recycled LPs that was or still is available for sale online!

It’s more the LP bit than the fruit/salad part that represents me as an individual though :wink:

Oh right. That’s a photograph. Of me.

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