Nd5xs2 connect a second amp?


I have an nd5xs2 connected via rca to my preamp. I was thinking about getting a din-rca cable to connect to my headphone amp. The way it’s connected now is preamp line out (before volume ctrl) to headphone amp. My thinking is cutting out the preamp should be good as it seems an unnecessary step. But I read that you shouldn’t have both analogue outputs connected at the same time. What is correct/ the best way to go about this?

You are correct. Naim do not recommend using both analogue outputs.

The best way… is to not use both analogue outputs… :thinking:

Thanks for replying. I see :sweat_smile: so, keep it as it is set up now then?

Do you know if a balanced headphone cable would do me any good in this setup? The headphone preamp has balanced output, but mustn’t the incoming signal be balanced also for it to make a difference? I am clueless when it comes to understanding signal path stuff and I can’t figure this out

You can either ignore this, or keep switching outputs using the Naim app.

The best advice is to not do it however why not try and see what you think…

So there is no problem having both outputs connected if I only activate one at a time using the app?

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