ND5XS2 decoupled mains socket

just bought a pre loved powerline for my streamer and as you know it needs a good shove to get it in right. I know the mains iec socket is decoupled but i can twist mine by a smidge and it springs back. Fees like it is spring mounted and i didnt notice this with the standard powerline lite so can someone give theirs a twist to see it there is any movement other than the expected looseness on my SN3. Want to check i have not damaged anything with shoving the powerline in.

It’s probably because the PowerLine is a heavier cable. They all wobble about so I wouldn’t worry.

thanks but the one on my SN3 wobbles as expected but you cant rotate it slightly as i can on the streamer. Im sure its fine as no issues with electrical supply when twisted slightly and as its springs back then im sure its all good. Cheers HH

All of mine rotate a bit and then end up straight. I’m not sure they can wobble without rotating a bit as there has to be sufficient looseness. Anyway, I’m sure it’s fine.

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