ND5XS2 Din plug shaking

Hello guys, just got a used nd5xs2.

Am concerned about the DIN plug causing internal noise when pressure is applied to it such as when plugging in cables. It seems like the board inside is not screwed down tight. Is this normal? Should I open it up to check it?

Heres a quick video to illustrate:

Thank you in advance

The Din sockets on the ND5XS2, Nait XS3 etc are decoupled as part of the design, ie they are meant to be wobbly. On the bigger models the sockets are fixed and the decoupling is done by wires inside.

So it’s all fine, just enjoy it.

Thank you, that puts my mind at ease.

With the input sockets (ie not the ones connected with the link plug) don’t attach the din locking collars on your interconnects, leave those loose. This allows additional decoupling.

Sorry for being long-winded - the loose design is normal, but is the rattling sound that comes with it normal too? Just wanted to be sure before I talk to the seller. Thank you again

Yes, the internals do make a rattle when the case is tapped. As stated, normal decoupling.
Enjoy your streamer, love mine.

Remember that you aren’t tapping or shaking it when listening to music. It’s fine.

I watched your YouTube link, that socket behaves almost exactly the same, including the noises, as my NAIT XS3 integrated amplifier, which uses a similar approach to decoupling.

Use the RCA instead. :+1:t2:

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