ND5XS2 into NDS

I currently using an ND5XS2 as a digital transport in to an nDac/555PS.
I’m pretty happy with the sound, well very happy really. However I’m curious to know whether anyone has connected the ND5XS2 to an NDS and how that sounded.

I did a comparison when I got an ND5XS and felt that although it was good on the NDS it didn’t sound as good as the bare NDS. I suspect their is a synergy to the whole box but YMMV.


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Same experience here although NDX2 as streamer into NDS. It felt like something was missing. I prefer NDX2 on its own or NDS on its own rather than mixing generations.

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We wondered about trying an NDS instead of nDAC (we have NDX2 as transport).

There are various posts on the forum about this, and it seemed that any benefit was very minor.

We’d already spent a lot of time/hassle comparing NDX2/555PSDR vs NDX2/nDAC/555PSDR.

So we have stuck with nDAC.


Thank you all for your thoughts… It’s really useful to hear your experiences… I did find some posts about various configs online, but I must have missed this specific scenario.

@IainO we did discuss your set-up extensively a few months ago, which basically led me to my current system. I’m very please with it, but you know what its like, always looking for a little bit more. :slight_smile:
That said I think the nDac is a good place to be and any signifcant step forward would require substantial investment.

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You’re down the rabbit hole once you decide nDAC is worth moving on.

There are other forum members who have moved to Chord Dave etc. but at considerable cost. Different sound.

You could try 333/300 but I’ve not heard that would rival nDAC/555. We’ve looked at Weiss DAC which are very well reviewed, but not listened to them yet. Local dealer might lend.

You’re a 252/SCDR short of our system now :laughing:

Despite all the hullabaloo of the 300 series never forget how good your current system is. It’s well beyond end game for many.


This happened to me the other day while auditioning the 200 series. 200 series is really good but I realized just how good the old classics are.

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You’re right of course… I managed to save some serious cash by buying the run out models of the 282/300DR and they do sound fantastic. I briefly listened to the new 200 range , for only a couple of minutes. The dealer had them connected to a huge pair of B&W speakers and apart from being loud I wasn’t blown away, well almost :sweat_smile: . I came away thinking is it better or just different.

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