Nd5xs2 lost channel

just switched streamer on to play a few tunes and there’s no output from right speaker swapped interconnects and inputs etc to no avail any ideas anyone ?
unit is 6mths old

Have you swopped Din to RCA outputs? What about your amp? Have you swopped speaker cables to rule that out?

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Broken relay, contact your dealer to organise a repair.

Does anyone know if these relays are swapped out like-for- like at Salisbury, or do they fit a revised/more relaible version ?

They fit the same type of relay like for like, but presumably from a different batch.

Thanks for replies
I take it this relay is a known problem well its of to the dealers thursday a.m
cheers again

A quick footnote
as hollow had suggested tried rca output both channels so faulty din relay as suggested
thanks again