Nd5xs2+Ndac advice to double check setup

After very recently obtaining an Ndac for the Nd5xs2 I just wanted to double check the setup with the forum.

So output from streamer set to BNC, option in menu native or pcm, have set to native.

Mark Grant BNC to BNC, ndac set too chassis grounding, streamer too floating

Din to din plugged into cd input, although the manual says aux1 but I think I asked about this before and the consensus of opinion was that cd input would be fine.

Qobuz set to maximum resolution, think that is about it.

One thing I have noticed today, the hd light doesn’t always light up when playing hires tracks is this normal?

Really pleased with how the system is sounding I just wanted to check with the forum to make sure I had everything setup correctly, many thanks in advance.


Mine does this from time to time. If I know it’s a hires track sometimes I use my SN3 remote and switch inputs for the nDAC then switch back then both lights are illuminated. Other times I don’t bother to be honest.

Looks like everything is setup correctly.


Many thanks for the quick replyđź‘Ť


Qobuz label 24bit/44.1kHz as HiRes.

The hires light on the ndac only illuminates when the sample rate is 48kHz or above.


All set up is fine!
Hd light is only up when hi res is min. 96khz (or 88) - 24bit and 44khz does not light up both indicators

I was 5 min late in this post :laughing:


I may be entirely wrong here but isn’t native output that will also output supported dsd format to the NDAC? and I believe that the streamers can handle a higher dsd bitrate?

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The digital connection does not carry the signal ground through from the DAC to the streamer, so the DAC should be set to chassis as it will be grounding the amp too.
Having said that there is no harm done if it is set incorrectly, so if you don’t hear a difference it doesn’t matter how it is set.

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