ND5XS2 + nDac,no app volume control?

I notice that I can use the volume on the Naim app when using the ND5XS2 if I have to.
But when I connect the nDac,I can’t use the volume from the Naim app,just from my Nait 2.
Is there a way to use the volume from the app when the nDac is connected to the ND5XS2?
Curious,cause I was able to with a Node 2i. Thanks

No. The digital out from the streamer is fixed as is the analogue out on your DAC.

Whilst the output of the streamer can be varied, this shouldn’t really be considered as a variable pre out facility. This function was made available to comply with a third party requirement; Apple perhaps? Others will confirm.

Thanks simon,you are the only one to respond! lol
I’m surprised that I can’t use the Naim app to control the volume when the ndac is connected.
I know it degrades the sound,but sometimes I’d like to use it.

You need a more sophisticated streamer.

The ND5XS2 is really a DAC with streaming capability. The SPDIF out is very basic.

Hmm,interesting. What do you suggest Fatcat?

I love the nDac and Nait 2,those are going nowhere.
But when I have people over,I’d like to have a choice and convenience to play with the volume on the app,as apposed to getting up to change volume on the Nait 2.

I use a Primare NP5/ifi power supply into ndac. It sounds very good, does variable volume and other things, plus Toslink output. Although the app is not very good.

Other people are using limetree bridge at a similar price or Aurilac, these probably also do variable volume.

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Thanks Fatcat,I’ll look into the Primare NP5. But I would like something with a good app as well.

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You real problem is that Naim use carefully implemented analogue volume controls on their preamps. If you had a more recent amp it would have a system automation link which would allow you to access the preamp volume control using the Naim app. Your Nait 2 predates all this, coming from a time when turntables and CD players were the norm, so unless you change it for a more recent design you will have to get your butt off the sofa and turn the dial.

Note that this is nothing to do with the NDAC, it would be the same whether you were to use the analogue or digital out on your streamer.

But I can use the app volume with the ND5XS2.
So I can’t use the app volume when I use it with the nDac?
I used to use the Node and nDac and use the Bluos app for volume when I had to.
Strange that I can’t now.
Either way,looks like I have to get off my butt to turn the volume dial.
Thanks ChrisSU.

I must admit I don’t understand- I just added an ndac to nd5xs2/282/hcdr/250dr and I can still go into the naim app click on the nd5xs2 and alter the volume of my 282 due to system automation like normal. Do you want to do something else?

Like ChrisSU said,the newer Naim amps have system automation,but not my old Nait 2.

What I don’t get is why you could use the app volume before that shouldn’t be possible without system automation as far as I’m aware.

Don’t know,but I can use the volume on the Naim app on the ND5XS2 on its own,and leave the amp volume alone. That’s why I find it strange that I can’t use the app volume when connected with an nDac.