ND5XS2 not showing in Tidal Connect APP - can't connect

This is my first post. I have a HP Elitebook Laptop from which I operate the Tidal Connect App. When I click on the Sound output icon the Streamer is not displayed so I can’t connect to it. I have had the streamer and laptop since May this year and it has done this before but after turning the laptop off and restarting it a couple of times the ND5XS2 appears and I can connect. It has happened when I come back home after been at my holiday home, connecting to the wi-fi there and then reconnecting to the wi-fi when I get home. The streamer is connected by ethernet cable. It has become very frustrating as I have tried everything such as turning off both devices and disconnecting and reconnecting the laptop to the home wi-fi. I haven’t tried connecting the laptop with ethernet cable as the hub to do that is at my holiday home which I will get this week. I don’t want to have to do that permanently if it did work.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I don’t understand why this should be happening but I guess that’s IT for you. Tidal Connect is not living by it’s name.

Does tidal work when using the Naim app on a mobile/ipad/tablet?

Thank you for your reply. Yes the Naim APP and Tidal Connect APP both work on my iphone which is great as I can at least use those in the interim. I should have said that at my holiday home I don’t use the laptop to listen to music as I only have a Bluetooth speaker, so I use my iphone.

Is your ND5 XS2 firmware up to date?

I suspect that what you need to do is to turn everything off including your router, then restart your router and when it has fully restarted, then turn on your ND5 XS2.

Basically, as you are swapping homes before getting the problem, I think your home router needs to forget where it last saw the ND5 XS2 and your ND5 XS2 needs to reintroduce itself to your home router before you try to use Tidal.

You do need to be running the latest firmware to get Tidal working properly, but I doubt that even if you weren’t, it would cause your ND5 XS2 to become invisible in the way you describe.

Thank you very much for your response - I have fixed it, thanks to you. I went into the laptop and the wi-fi settings and clicked on “Manage known networks”. In there deleted all the wi-fi addresses showing (about 7 of them) except for my home one. Went into Tidal and the streamer was there - yippee!

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Thank you, yes firmware up-to-date. Fixed now. See reply to David Hendon.

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