ND5xs2 - usb HDD not seen

hi, I just got me a new ND5xs2 and uploaded the new software, all seems ok but I cannot see any of my ripped CD (and other files) from connected USB HDD. The very same HDD was connected the same way to my uniti star before (via usb on the back) and my files were always accesible from the app. This time there is nothing visible when I choose servers input. What could be wrong?

Select the USB input…not servers.

Same result - nuthin. Why on uniti it was on the ‘servers’?
I plugged the Hdd to into my router’s usb input and now all is available on servers but there is no ‘Naim’ structure (all albums nicely in order) - rather normal files and folders structure.

The Server input should see the contents of a USB drive on any Naim streamer, and you will not be able to browse the metadata properly if you just use the USB input.
There was a thread recently from another user who had a very similar problem with a USB drive moved from a Star to a different streamer. I don’t recall exactly what the solution was, but worth searching the forum.

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The problem Chris refers to was that on a Star the USB HDD is locked to the Star and you cannot just move it to another streamer. You have to copy the files to another HDD or copy them to a temporary location, format the HDD and copy them back.

It’s because on a Star the HDD was defined as a music store and in the Naim ecosystem, the music store should not be altered except by Naim software.



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Ok. Well really not OK but at least a direction. But if I do copy all to my laptop, format the hdd and than copy back and connect the hdd - will it magically create proper structure back?
How to copy? Folder by folder? Create any special structure? Oh I rally wasn’t aware of this issue :frowning:

You should, in any case, have at least one backup of the music folder from which you can restore it. Perhaps now would be a good time to address this, then you can just copy from a backup drive to the newly formatted existing one.

Thank you. My backup consists of ca 800cds :wink: but good point. I don’t want to rip it all again…

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