Ndac and 555ps vs 555 DR

Hi folks:
I have and old naim dac and its old 555ps power supply.
I will try an upgrade : recapping my old 555ps or upggrade to 555dr ?
How is the best solution ,and how about costs ?
P.S:dac itself need recapping too ? and we are tolking about power caps only ,or signal electrolytic capacitors too ?
Tks Giovanni.

Hi, some people feel that the non-DR 555PS is a better match for the NDAC than the DR version. So I would try to listen to the NDAC/555DR first, and decide for yourself. If this is not possible, perhaps best to save some money and just have it recapped/serviced.

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I have an old email from Naim …Naim Dac doesn’t need a recap at all.

Once upon a time I contemplated buying an old Naim Dac and had asked them

So : to update 555ps for ndac is setter to recap my old one.how is the cost fron naim ? Anyway how is the cost to upgrade 555ps to 555dr , also they replace caps, more over d.r. components ?
also ?
If i recap my old 555ps
do they replace only the big caps ?
Is something i should be on my own?
Where i can bought caps ,other than naim ?
P.S: even with nerw firmware installed i can’t purt my p.c. usb output directly to naim dac usb input, isn’t it ?
Tks Giovanni

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