nDAC firmware version?

For those of you familiar with the nDAC, is it safe to assume that the latest FW, 4.11.8, is indeed installed in my version? I did the Apple device check in the screenshot below and it does indicate that 4.11.8 is installed. I imagine I can trust that. Not particularly motivated to re-flash the FW as I read that the device could be “bricked” is something goes wrong…Thanks.

Long time ago I had the dac but I believe that one feature that was added is the support for flac files, so another test is to find a matching usb stick that the ndac gets along with usually fat32 formatted 1 or 2 or 4 gb sticks if you still can find them and place a flac file on the stick and see if it plays the track or not.


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Just answering myself…Played some DSD 64 and 128 tracks so it looks like everything is in order.

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Well, my iPhone says exactly the same as yours, so it’s probably OK :grin: :laughing:


4.11.8 is indeed the latest firmware, as you have discovered by playing a DSD file.


All I want for the new year is an updated nDAC! I love my current one but wish Naim would launch a new player. One can dream I suppose.

It doesn’t appear to be in the pipeline I’m afraid…

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