nDAC is dead, long live nDAC!

Now that I finally got a full end-to-end Naim system, including the nDAC, it’s been a pretty good year of music for me.

From time to time something hits the nDAC and I jump to attention and I know why I built this system in the first place. Not many songs really do it, but its instantly obvious.

This is one of those tracks that fully exercises my nDAC and causes chills up my spine:


Hello SnaicInTheGrass - I too have the nDAC in my system. It is an attention getter!

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Here’s another one that is eyeopening on the nDAC:

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Having lived with an nDAC (running in post service) for a few weeks now we’re totally in love with it. Retains the characteristic naim sound but has a weightier bass and better mid/treble detail resolution than the inbuilt DAC on 272.

Even driven with a Raspberry PI + SPDIF hat as a source it sounds fabulous. This is how we’ve added Tidal Connect to our 272, works an absolute treat.

On the hunt for a lightly used SuperLumina DIN-DIN to connect boxes.


I got mine awhile back (few months ago), but I can dig up the date on the other thread…anyway the nDAC has really broken-in well recently and has just become sparkly and the bass is crazy. Its so crystal clear now and weighty.

I’ve run a lot of music through my poor nDAC in just a few months :smiley:


Add an XPS-DR and PL then it takes the music somewhere else, vocals and bass transformed


That’s just great. Ndac really gets things right and makes a connection.
I run mine without a power supply and don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything and in need to rush out and purchase one.


I do miss mine from time to time. One of the best upgrades I purchased but eventually I wanted to reduce number of boxes.


SnaicInTheGrass - I too running the Super Lumina DIN5-5 cable between my nDAC and Supernait 3.
It definitely elevates the performance. It does sound fantastic without a power supply but more robust with one. The nDAC alone is giant killer.

We’ve still got the XPSDR on the 272 but that will move onto nDAC when we source a 252.

Absolutely cannot wait to hear this thing perform with a PSU and SL interconnect.

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