NDac v NDX2

Is it possible to utilise my NDac (with xps dr ps) with a good streaming transporter to sound as good if not better than an ndx2 for high res Tidal music ? If so what do I need to use/add? System is 252/300 dr pmc twenty5.26

Yes, any streamer with an SPDIF out would work. My choice would be an ND5XS2 but there are plenty of non-Naim options if you have a preference. The best choice might depend on what music sources you use.
If, by ‘Tidal HiRes’, you mean MQA, note that no Naim devices support it. You would get 16/44.1 lossless. Maybe consider Qobuz.


Thanks for the reply, I thought that any transport would be good but have been told that even an old but awesome NDS on a platform it can still work with such as Tidal is not as good on sq as an ndx2, the nd5xs2 apparently is no where close to ndx2 even if just used as a transport - I think the ndac is pretty much unbeatable as a dac it’s the transport worthy of giving files as clean as the transport in the ndx2 that I’m having trouble findibg

To my ears the ND5XS2 sounds the same as an NDX2 when used via digital out. If you have more cash to spend I would look at swapping the XPS for a 555PS for the DAC.


Surely if going digital out one is better spending the cash on a pure transport without DAC (Aries G1 for instance) I use innuos into my Brinkmann Nyquists as it sounds better via USB than going ethernet to the streaming board on the Nyquist.

Thanks- I already have an xps dr powering the ndac

Yes, that is what I am thinking- surely a good transport feeding my ndac which is powered with a dr xps has to sound as good if not better than ndx2? But I need affirmation from someone who has compared rather than my guessing from the specs!!

Yes, what I’m saying is that upgrading the XPS to a 555PS would be a more cost effective upgrade than buying an NDX2 instead of an ND5XS2, which to my ears sounds the same.

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Sorry you have lost me, I wasn’t intending or asking about an nd5xs2, I’m looking for a way to have my ndac supply better analogue sq than an ndx2 for streaming tidal

I’m saying that a PSU upgrade, changing the XPS for a 555PS, will improve its analogue sq.
Feeding the NDAC with either an NDX2 or an ND5XS2 will, in my experience, sound the same, so unless you really want it for the screen and remote control I don’t see any point in spending the extra cash.
If you were to swap the NDAC for an NDX2, I think you will find that it sounds no better. NDX2/XPSDR is nonetheless a very good source, but I still prefer the NDAC.


I use a bryston bdp3 to feed my nDac with networked audio preferring it over the ndx2 doing the same job. It might lack the screen of the ndx2 but as my rack is behind me i’m not missing out.

Thanks- when u say you prefer the Bryson/ndac over ndx2 is that on sq? Have you tried both?

Thanks- have u directly compared streaming through ndac with ndx2? If so what is the difference?

Is Simon-in-Suffolk there? Help…!!

Yep, i demo’d the ndx2 on its own and feeding the nDac… preferring the sound with the nDac in the loop. It was then a case of deciding if the ndx2 was worth the cost as just a network bridge. As i use roon, i would be paying for the unused streaming software and dac in the ndx2 so looked at other options… the bryston unit was cheaper, sounded to me just as good as the ndx2 when feeding the nDac and could also act as a server in the event of my Roon nucleus having a glitch.


I would describe the NDAC as a bit more Rock & Roll than the NDX2. Simon can probably explain better than me as he has lived with an NDAC, whereas I’ve just had one on extended home demo and heard it in various dealers systems.

Paging @Simon-in-Suffolk, but in the meantime:

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I’m with you Jonny , see where you’re coming from as I’m in exactly the same position as you

Do I jump into a NDX2 or streamer transport with my nDAC and XPS -2 ?

I’m not sure anyone on the Forum has actually done the comparison

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Some members here have a great reputation and are a big ressource for the forum. Simon is one of them.
But does it mean that what he hears, his listening impressions, have more value than others?
I don’t think so.
Some prefer Ndx2/ xpsdr vs Ndx2/ Ndac / Xpsdr. There are a lot of threads on that.
Conclusion: don’t trust a particular member because we have all different ears and tastes. Try personally.


Thanks all… I trudged through the ndac and nds white papers, very similar Dacs with much of the content of the Ndac paper being used word perfect for that of the nds, from memory both architectures similar apart from I think analogue filtering on the nds so I was thinking sell my ndac and buy an nds- when the nds becomes obsolete as a steaming transport I’d still have a dac at least as good as the ndac, then I just buy a modern streaming transport. If I buy an ndx2 now I can’t accept its dac is superior to ndac or nds, it’s streaming side is up to date but in a few years it could be just as obsolete as the nds is now with respect to roon etc… I’m thinking a pure dac will be more future proof than a streamer so keep ndac or buy nds then periodically replace streamer transport… so hence my post-

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