nDAC (XPS2) + NAC202 (HiCAP) vs NSC222

Has anyone ever made this comparison (powering a NAP250 NC) ?

My source is a Melco and I am not really interested in the NSC as a streamer.

I think it’s pretty unlikely that you’ll find anyone who has made a direct comparison of those exact components.
For what it’s worth, having heard all of the items in various systems, I would be very surprised if you found a 222 to sound as good as the separates you list.

And you may also read here some hyperboles about the 222, some saying that it beats Ndx2/ 252/ Supercap.

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For what it’s worth, having heard all of the items in various systems, I would be very surprised if you did not find a 222 to sound better than the separates you list.

But then who am I to make assumptions.

Simplicity and system matching can win over at times and the cabling will suit.

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I owned a 282/Hicap DR/250 DR with an NDX2 and an nDAC/ND5XS2 as sources when I first acquired the 222/NC250. I mainly used the nDAC/ND5XS2 as a source because I simply prefer it to the NDX2. After 3-4 months of side by side comparison I sold all of the old classic gear. I missed the 222/NC250 every time I switched back to the old gear. All of the gear was always powered up and all that was ever changed were the speaker cables being swapped at the speakers (I own two runs of NACA5). The NC gear improved for a few months even after I made my decision. No regrets and no hyperbole whatsoever.

That being said, I don’t know why you’d consider the 222 if you don’t intend to use the streaming section. Buy the 332.


Even I did the math that when I would be tempted to buy a PSU for my nDAC, it makes a lot more sense to sell the XS3 / ND5XS2 / DC1 / nDAC and not buy the PSU.
That would amply fund an ex-dem NSC222, and serviced NAP200 for temporary duty are cheap as chips. In the process it also gives a better phono stage & headphone amp, and a streamer screen, and a white logo of course.
So far I have been too busy enjoying my recently upgraded LP12 and I haven’t come across that PSU for the nDAC yet :slight_smile:


I consider the NAC222 as a replacement of the nDAC, the Stageline and the NAC202. With a NAC332 I would have to keep the nDAC, the stage line and the HiCAp (the 332 cannot power the Stageline).

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Mmmmmm… Probably true… :thinking:

I may then ask the simpler question : Has anyone ever compare the NAC202 + HICAP to the NSC222 (with any source) ?

TBH… doubtful… :expressionless:

But… YMMV…

The OP has a Melco.

He would use the dac and pre in the 222.

Have a good search of existing threads.

He also has an nDAC.

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