NDR 1 : ALBUM Artwork

NDR 1 displays visual metadata (album covers, song info) via TuneIn on logitech Media Server.
Does vtuner on Naim muso show this info & artwork?

In the Naim app it shows the station logo and the song currently playing but no album artwork or lyrics

Thanks. Pity.
I wonder how the muso performs as a Logitech Media Server endpoint using upnp or chromecast?
I am reluctant to commit without more user feedback!

LMS isn’t extensively used by members in here as it isn’t that great as a music server. Most of us in here use either Asset or Minimserver as they are designed as music servers rather than all purpose video and music servers.

You’re very much out of date! LMS is now Lyrion Music Server - has pretty much all the functionality (and more via plugins) than Roon. Being open source it’s free and very actively developed and improved. If muso uses standard upnp or chromecast it should be compatible.