NDS/555PS DR vs. Linn Klimax DS/3

A Naim friend of mine (who is not on this forum) has the opportunity to chose between a NDS/555PS DR and a Linn Klimax DS/3 for his Naim-based system. The NDS/555PS DR is a fair bit cheaper. Any views on relative SQ and versatility that could help him decide?

I have heard the Klimax DS3 and would say they are on the same level. The DS3 is more airy and refined, the Nds is more organic and authoritative.
But the advantage of the KDS3 is the upgrade possibility to the Organik dac.
Another member here compared both too and shared my impressions.

The NDS, whilst it sounds very good is old streaming technology and limited…vs the DS/3 which is streaming wise more flexible to the latest streaming choices…and prob at some point upgradeable to the latest Organik dac…so should have much life left in it yet…hence prob the price difference.
I recently home demoed my (now gone) NDS vs DSM/2, it was very, very, similar sound wise.
A later demo of the new DSM/3 convinced me to buy the DSM/2 and wait for the expected Organik upgrade…

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