NDS-555PS vs nDAC 555PS

my wish for upgrading never stops :slight_smile:

As this topic click: NDS has been closed, I really would like to know about the sound difference of nDAC vs NDS

ND5XS2 - NDAC - 555PS (nom DR)
ND5XS2 - NDS - 555PS (non DR)

I am looking for 555PS for some time and now can get a NDS/555PS combination. (555PS needs service).
With second option I can stream with NDS directly from my server and with ND5XS2 through NDAC… 2 options - nice :slight_smile:

I really love the Bass punch of the nDAC - my room is a bit less on the Bass and the nDAC has given the right amount of Add-on bass.
Read that NDS has more resolution and NDAC more bass punch. Do not know, if I like to loose the latter.

Thanks and sorry for another post. Too much time on easter weekend thinking about naim :slight_smile:

Ps: placed it here as the original thread was also in the hifi section - if streaming is the right choice, please accept my apologies

Based on the price point and mechanics the NDS should be the superior DAC surely?


Really think it is !
My main question is the sound signature… especially the bass punch

It’s all there with the NDS. No complaints here anyway.

I would think of the NDAC as an NDS-lite on DAC duties.

Others will possibly disagree.

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I sold ndac and moved to NDS (both partnered by a 555ps). The NDS was far superior.



The NDS makes full use of 555PS, using both burndies. The NDS can also use 2 555PSs. So effectively it is the closest DAC to the ND555 and although maybe not as good it’s great value for money.


I often think about selling my NDX2 replacing it with NDS until I can stretch for ND555. I have a 555PSDR. Everything I read about NDS seems to be my cup of tea. Not sure how to get NDS compatible with Qobuz though.

Keep the ndx2 and fed him into nds - quobuz will work.

Anyone an idea about the difference in sound signature? Nds vs ndac

Only native Tidal on the NDS and I find it very glitchy so proceed with caution. I’m currently using a laptop to connect Audirvana via UPnP but I’m seeking out a more elegant solution.

That said it sounds stunning to my ears.

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I had Lumin U1 mini which I added Sbooster linear power supply to on my former 272 to support Qobuz. Great product, great sound quality uplift.

Qobuz can work with older steamers like the NDS. I use a UPNP app called mconnect that allows my NDX to play music from Qobuz. Works great and the display confirms it is streaming hi-res.

I use an Innuos server on my NDS - quobuz sounds wonderful and hassle free.

How do you connect the Zenith 3 to the Nds?
Did you observed a better sound quality for LOCAL FILES when using the Zenith 3 as streamer into the Nds as dac only, vs Nds as streamer ?
If I may ask.

Hi French Rooster, I’m not very technical but here goes!

The Innuos Zenith is connect to my router via an Adot and netgear gs105 switch and the NDS is then connected to NDS (I use melco ethernet cables (they performed better than chord c stream )

Not sure if my switch solution could be improved but that’s for another day.


You wrote the Nds is connected to the Nds…
So to your switch or Zenith ? Thanks

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