NDS+555PSDR do not switch on

Hi Nates,

I had all my black boxes switched off for a while.

Yesterday I wanted them to be switched on to listen some music.

While preamp+its PS and the power amp were powered on successfully

NDS + 555PS did not power on.

The situation is the following:

When I push and hold the power button of the 555PS both boxes

(NDS+PS) get ‘green light’. but the moment I release the power button of the PS

the boxes turn off. Tried several times, re connected all the cables with no positive result.

What could be the problem ? NDS or PS fault or fuse fault ?

What should I do ?

Thanks for any posts.

Hi, sometimes the button does not latch properly when pushed. Try a firm push in and then release immediately, do not push and hold.
Remember that this should be the first box that you turn on, followed by the preamp them power amp. So keep the rest of the system turned off when trying to turn on the source.

A blown fuse seems unlikely, as you have lights coming on…

As Chris says above, the issue is that the power button is not latching properly ie it won’t stay in in the on position. It’s not the fuse.

Give the button a really good press, and it should stay on. If it doesn’t, a new power button may be needed.

Sounds like the power switch is not latching.

Unplug from the mains then try pushing the button in and out a number of times as far in as you can (the eraser end of a pencil can be a help here). As Chris says above, you need a firm stab and release. Hopefully it will then re-engage the latch and you can then connect up and power up again normally.

Thank you for your posts.
I have pushed and released the button hundred of times
as you kindly suggested and suddenly it latched ‘on’ position
at one time. So my NDS gets power Now I dare not turn the PS off.
What should I do if it happens again ? Shoul I send the box to be
repaired ?


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These is no particular need to turn it off, unless you are going away or swapping things around in your setup. You could turn it off at the socket, but it’s not ideal. You may find that getting it to latch fixes the problem for good, but if it doesn’t you may need to have the switch replaced.

As HH says above, you may find that once it latches then it will continue to do so. However, if not, it’s probably a good idea to get it fixed.

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