NDS and 300 connection query

Forgot the connections!
What socket on the 252 does the NDS link to ?
And am I correct in linking the leads from the back of the 300 amp to sockets 4 and 5 on the supercap and does it matter which goes to 4 and 5/
Many thanks

The one that corresponds to the front button that you want to use for the NDS?

(from the Preamplifier Reference Manual, see below for URL)


This is from the Connection Guide Amplification that you can get together with the Preamplifier Reference Manual from here:

Only if you want your stereo image the right way around :wink:

Many thanks!

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It doesn’t matter which goes to 4 or 5, as they are both stereo outputs. But it does matter which connects to left and right on the 300, as the two leads are wired differently. Red is right.


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