NDS and Foobar2000

Music stream from a server via Foobar2k. If Foobar2k remains open while a radio station is selected with the tablet, the radio station is running, ok. But if Foobar then closed, the radio stream is interrupted and the NaimApp radio button remains active.

Is this a known scenario?

I have no experience of Foobar, so I can’t answer your specific question. However, Naim streamers are designed primarily to work with UPnP servers. I think I am right in saying that Foobar is not a fully fledged UPnP server (although there is a plugin that supports it). If you use it for serving locally stored music files, I wonder if something like Asset would be better behaved.

Thank you for your assessment ChrisSU

I conclude that this behaviour is rather unknown.

Foobar uses a UPnP plugin, that’s correct.

The QNAP music server switches the NAS to upnp and interrupts the radio stream, I suppose and Asset wont do that?

I had already installed Asset in the course of other backgrounds and it seemed to me to be quite antiquated in its operation. But as it looks, I will have to deal with it in more detail.

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