Nds back from service - left channel dead

Nds just back; was in for screen replacement. Recent firmware update done by shop.
Thought initially a problem with the din cord but same issue with rca connection to 552.
Burndies solidly connected. Both channels ok when innuos usb connected to same rca input on 552 (drangonfly dac) so it is an issue with the nds. Any ideas gratefully appreciated.

I wonder if there is a problem with the dac(s)……sounds like a return to HQ ,what a pain.

Just out of interest what is the going cost of a screen replacement for the NDS?

Haven’t yet been invoiced but will let you know.
Indication was around $300 (Canadian).

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For people from UK reading this, the Naim factory will replace a green screen for about £150.


I wonder if it’s worth doing a factory reset to ensure that the new firmware is properly set. If that doesn’t work I’d try doing the update again. It that doesn’t work, it sounds like it may have to go back. What a nuisance.

Relay fault is the most common issue of Naim units

Are you getting an error code on the NDS display?

No, the nds seems to be working fine save for the dropped channel.
Waiting to hear back from the Naim rep before trying a system reset.

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