NDS buffer limit?

I’ve recently bought some ambient albums as downloads with two of the albums only containing one long continuous song each, around 1hr 15 mins long. I’ve found the NDS will only play up to 64 mins of each song, then freezes. Seems it stops playing at the same spot each time and on both albums.

Am I hitting some buffer or memory limitation as the timing is too coincidental?

Are these flacs? You could split them in half as a workaround.

Yes - flacs, higher res than usual 16/44 files

The NDS/X buffer takes about 10 to 30 seconds of data dedending on bit & sample rates, it recieved & verifies the data stream in even shorter bursts, so this is not a buffer problem.
That said I do understand if the song lasts 15 mins how come it stops at 64 mins (???)
What format is the file (FLAC WAV etc) & what bit & sample rate ???

I hour and 15 mins……

Flacs @ 24/96. Songs are 1hr 15mins

Whoops sorry I missread the 1hr 15min line. Ignore, I need bigger screens on cell phones.

Getting back to this is not a buffer issue, I suspect its possibly something in the server and or software . I have a few tracks of meditation/therapy music well over an hour duration & not had such a problem. These are FLAC stored on a NAS with Asset UPnP transcoding to WAV & played on NDX, So what are your files stored on & what UPnP program are you using.

No worries Mike. All files stored on QNAP NAS feed into NDS via Minimserver. Stored as Flac, Minimstreamer set to transcode to Wav. NAS to NDS is wired via EE8 switch, not Wifi

Have you tried just playing as FLACs without transcoding?

I hadn’t considered the streaming software so thanks, will run some tests at the weekend

When I first started ripping dvds and streaming via my server to the tv there was a set point/time that the ripped stream stopped or paused every time.

Took me an age to work out what was going on and as mentioned above it was a setting in the server streaming called something that I can’t remember sorry. It was a default limit that needed adjusting and pushed out to a time that was beyond the length of a film.

Interestingly, just found this amongst the technical blurb on Minimserver’s webpage…
“ The transcode size limit cannot exceed 4 GB minus one byte (the largest possible size for a WAV stream) and this is the default value if no transcode size limit is specified. MinimServer sets the stream length in the WAV headers to the transcode size limit and stops streaming when this stream length has been reached.”

At least the NDS isnt at fault it seems. Time to go play with some software settings. Thanks everyone

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OK @Mike-B and my post above I think we could have it?

Here is something I found that sounds like a similar issue and time pretty much the same.

“ I’ve tried 2 different DVDs and both of them stop at the exact same mark of 1hr 17 min. One DVD is about 1.5hr, and the other is just over 2hrs. I recently successfully completed a rip of a DVD that was only 1hr 2 min. But anything longer seems to stop at 1 hr 17min every time. I have made sure to select it processes all chapters. ”

So a server setting issue?


I think (hate using that as would like to be absolutely certain) it is a time limitation setting in the server.

If the problem occurs at the same time as is the case with post I found above at 1 hour 15 or 17.

Then go through the server/streamer settings looking for a time limitation.

From a very very distant memory when I had the problem it was called a Commercial Interval setting. I don’t know why that springs to mind and I could be wrong. I guess you are looking for a limit set at around 75 minutes.

Really hope this helps as it took me a long while to solve it but I did in the end.

Hopefully it’s a server time setting.

24/96, 2 channel WAV uses 4.61 mbps - which translates to a WAV size of 2GB for just over 62 minutes. This does not align with the 64 minute limit you experience.

However, if something in the chain is using a signed 4 byte size that would be limited to exactly 2GB-1byte…

Thanks IainO - my 64mins was an approximation. Your maths makes sense.

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