NDS multiroom Hi Res streaming to Musos

I cannot stream any files over 48/24 to my musos (Gen 1&2). I wonder if anyone has a work around this?


This is a limitation of the 1st gen streamers, so your only option would be to have lower res versions of those files if you want to multiroom them.

I don’t mind the multi room being downgraded but not the main system. There is not even a way of filtering tracks. I use Roon with Sonore Bridge/Squeezelite so can use Tidals Hi Res files, some releases are now only in 96/24, for instance the new release by the Black Keys .

There is no way of knowing before playing it and then it skips all the tracks or I need to reboot the NDS.

If I use Apple Music it works fine and understand it is only 44/16 to the Musos but it is Hi Res on the main system. Is there no way of doing this but not using Apple Music which needs a dedicated PC, the remote is terrible and does not give you access to streaming.


For multiroom purposes the stream is converted to MP3 to reduce network traffic. (That’s Naim multiroom, not Roon). For me that wouldn’t be a big problem given that I would only use multiroom for background listening, but of course you wouldn’t want it if you’re just listening on your NDS.

I guess you could use either Roon or Tidal settings to limit the stream to 16/44.1 when you’re using multiroom, and set it back to 24/192 or whatever when you use just the NDS.

I am not sure that is the source of the problem as surely then it would play, just at lower quality like Apple Music does.

Using Naim multiroom, if the file format is high res, you just get silence. It would be useful if you got a warning on the screen, but you don’t.
I don’t recall off hand how this would be handled by Airplay, either directly or from Roon.

This was an annoyance for me when I was using my 272.

I’ve not noticed this issue with Roon. Most of my listening is via Unitiqutes, but I may not notice a lower sound quality for every day listening.

Unlike Naim multiroom, Roon does not convert to a lossy format when streaming to multiple endpoints, so you shouldn’t find any downside to using their multiroom. (Using 1st gen streamers with no native Roon support might change this depending on how you are doing it, although Roon would presumably tell you if any downsampling was going on?)

Prior to getting a 222, I used my muso qb 2nd generation as the multiroom master to solve this. You appear to have a 2nd generation muso so try that.

quote from Naim summport
“I can confirm that most legacy devices don’t support multi-room, whereas NDS does. However, due to its age and technological limitations, it does have a slightly limited streaming quality, confirmed at 48/24 when used over multi-room. When it’s the host device, it can handle a maximum of 5 multi-room streams only as well. This limitation is primarily because it was designed in 2012 and its hardware is limited to this.”

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Thank you. That is a good idea I will let you know how it goes.

Why are they saying that “most legacy devices don’t support multi-room”? All Naim streamers of all ages support multiroom. (The only exception is some of the very earliest NDX and Uniti models if they didn’t have the streaming board and firmware update, but that doesn’t apply to any of yours.)

Get a Chromecast Audio for your Muso, and stream directly from Roon to it. These support up to 24/96 and then Roon will manage conversion from anything higher.

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I think it is the NDS that is the problem. I want to be able to have multiroom with the Musos and NDS. Apple Music work a treat. I am not bothered about HiRes from the Musos I just want everything being able to play whatever file format they are presented with.
Trouble with Apple Music is that it needs a PC as the remote does not access the streaming.

I will give it a go . Thanks for the suggestion

I do not understand how this helps with using the NDS as the main system.

Because the multi-room/multi-device functionality is being provided by Roon and not the NDS.
With a Chromecast Audio (or similar e.g. WiiM Mini) providing the stream to the Muso, it and the NDS are just Roon Endpoints.
They will then take independent streams from the Roon Server.
The only limitation is they cannot be ‘Grouped’ as one, due to the different underlying protocol employed. But you will have multi-room capability across the 2 devices, and at formats up to 24/96 (for the CCA)

Ah I see. Sadly that will not help as it is the grouping that I am after, otherwise moving from one room to another with aynchronos beats is defintely not what i want. Anything above 24/48 I will use Apple for, I am only after hires in the main system, but I do want everything in sync. The only downside with Apple is the remote does not give access to the streaming of Apple Music and so one needs access to a PC. Roon is great but you cannot set a rule for omitting above 24/48 so I keep getting fails which is annoying. Unless anyone knows how to set that rule for Roon?