NDS > ND555 or 500 > 500DR

I’ve got one eye open for my next upgrade.

Anything beginning with an S will have to wait until I’m closer to retirement!

So ND555 or 500DR :thinking:

Where would your money go?

Although the 500 DR is a wonderful amp I would go for the 555. You are already running a non DR 500 and if I am right, streaming is your only source.

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Yep streaming only

although I am a source first believer, in the case of DR amps, I would go 500 to 500 DR.

having heard both 500 and 500 DR the difference is significant


I agree the ND555 is the better choice.

Were you not able to get bubble soft working with your NDS?

I would go to the 500dr. The way I look at it the 500dr is as good of an amp in its price range as money can buy. I don’t see a significant leap in technological improvements in the near future. Streaming technology is another story. The 555 which I own has technology that is several years old in a field that is advancing every day. I would wait on the streamer for the next generation. I would not have given the same advice 3 or 4 years ago.


If I were to make a decision like this again I would go for 552 and 500 first last time instead of 555 and 552. DAC and streaming tech like still advancing while a solid pre-power is a done deal. A bit regret but still enjoying no doubt.


I’d go 555. I never really found the NDS an exciting proposition. And I have heard “more advanced” streamers from others and don’t find them too exciting either.

The 500DR does improve significantly on what came before but the old 500 is still magical.

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I would go nd555……see if you can get an ex demo.


Or a different approach (and is far cheaper) is to add a sub to your setup


Try both and see, thats the best way as already you have mixed opinions.
I for instance didnt find the nd555 much different to the nds when playing ripped music from my melco, but obviously the streaming board has better options.
Never had a non 500dr, but i do have the 552dr and 500dr and these work lovely together

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The only way to find out as @Dunc says is to listen. However, I’m going to stir the pot😁 would your room accommodate 808s? I’ll leave quietly by the back door!

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That’s interesting as my next upgrade decision is between going from NDS to ND555 or upgrading my aging Isobariks to something like Titans (although probably 606’s). I also use Melco N10.

Well that in itself would be interesting, the comparison between the Isobariks and a more modern variant. I’ve only heard the former 2x but on both occasions :grin::+1:

My friend went from isobariks to NBL’s then to 808’s. Each step a clear upgrade although the change to 808’s was larger IMO. As 606’s are effectively the some treble units as 808’s but less bass response I’m hoping they will be all the speaker I will need. As I’ll probably be buying second hand and largely blind I would welcome any advice from anyone with first hand experience

I went from NDS to ND555 while running a 552 into a 250DR and heard a superb uplift. The 500 is of course way better than the 250DR, so I would go ND555 first.


Hi Mike,
I replaced my Briks (xover in stands driven by 552/500) some 8 years ago for Kudos Titan t88s.
I didn’t want to go active with Briks, a friend had and it was not the sound I was searching for.
My quest was for more air, greater transparency, not forced and the feeling of a live event.
Titans on podiums, for me,helped with my quest, but also other additions (often wondered how Briks on podiums would sound).
Many fellow forum members talk about the boxes , but less about what sound or presentation they are trying to achieve and why they feel their system is lacking.
An old friend recently came to visit and asked for a listen, he last heard my system when I had 52/Briks some 12yrs ago. When I asked his honest opinion, he said “ I remember you played music I wouldn’t normally listen to, but I really enjoyed it”. That was the most I could get him to say, and no it wasn’t the music I played :joy:
I feel my system is the best I’ve ever had, given some of the above criteria, but left me wondering whether somewhere in my quest had I thrown the baby out with the bath water.:woozy_face:

P.S. back in the day my system was LP12/Valhalla, 72,250,Sara’s and later Briks.


Sadly not, I can’t find the ethernet dongle for my laptop to try by-passing wi-fi. I’m not beaten yet tho…

No no no!!! :laughing:

This was over 3 years ago now and ended up with an x demo dCS rossini and clock, then changed up to the N10 a year or so later. This is a great combo by the way.
I have just swapped out the rossini for a vivaldi apex dac and kept my clock, this is by far the best dac i have ever had the pleasure to listen too.