NDS "no network" problem

I have a fairly simple network (I’m no expert on this) - a BTHub5 - 5SPK connected to a Cisco 2960. Almost everything else, TV, computer etc. is connected by cable to the Cisco - this includes the NDS. The BTHub has the wifi disabled as the wifi is via an orbit network.
All of this has been working without problem for a long time, but recently I keep finding that when I use the NDS it shows “no network”. This happens both via the app, and if I just use the remote.
I can resolve this by switching off the NDS, leaving it for 5 minute, then switching back on after which it generally restarts as per normal and plays without problem, until the following evening etc.etc. As it plays well after a restart I’m guessing it isn’t an NDS problem, rather a network problem?
The only thing I’ve changed recently is my BT contract, but that didn’t involve a change of Hub, just a contractual change as far as I know. Internet speeds are still good.
The NDS streams from a QNAP NAS also connected to the Cisco via cable, and running Asset.
Any ideas as to which bit of the network might be causing this?

Have you tried rebooting the router, followed by rebooting the switch?

I wonder whether BT has changed (shortened) the length of the lease that it gives things that request an IP address. I have found that with the old streamers, after about firmware 4.4 they weren’t good at requesting a new lease when the old one expired, but Naim never replicated the problem and it’s not often reported in the forum.

Anyway what you could try is going into your router/hub setup and see what the default lease period is set to. If it’s too low, increase it to say 7 days or 28 days or something.

Of course it may not be this at all.

In any case I don’t think you need to leave your NDS switched off for 5 mins. You should be able to shut it down and more or less immediately restart it. That’s what I do when my 272 or SuperUnitis stop behaving normally (which is normally after I have to restart the router for some reason).

I occasionally have the same problem but I have put it down to brown outs on our electricity supply as the connection from our mobile phones to the router often go down at the same time. A reboot of the router is often needed. You only need to turn the NDS off for about 10 seconds to rectify the connection in my experience.

BT auto reset every 13 or 14 days, it doesn’t disturb anything such as IP Addresses.
They used to do this overnight, now it’s any time, mine reset yesterday afternoon so I lost internet for a few minutes.

For an NDS connected via ethernet, removing & reinserting the network cable should prompt the streamer to reconnect.

Usually works for me, and I’d have thought better for the NDS than frequent reboots?

That doesn’t work for any of my legacy streamers. But a restart does.

I have an ASUS router and I decided to check it after seeing this thread. The DHCP lease time was set at 86400 which is 24 hours in seconds. Max I can set it to is equivalent of 43.75 days, which I have now done. I will see if this reduces the incidence of my NDS/ router requiring resets.

That seems like a real PITA if indeed the router lease time reset does forget IP Addresses.
I’d venture to suggest that it can’t be correct and you need to look elsewhere.

Lots for me to learn here! A few days ago I did try restarting the router and the Cisco, also restarted the Qnap and made sure the firmware was up to date, but that didn’t seem to help.
Yesterday night I had a look at David’s suggestion - when I managed to find the lease time section it was set to 1 day (max 21 days possible) so I’ve reset to 21 days and will see if that helps. Resetting every 21 days would be a pain but not as much as every night! But I don’t understand why that has started to happen, given it has been working perfectly for a long time? Possibly something to do with the new BT contract?
By the way - I find removing the ethernet cable and replacing doesn’t work for me.

I’m watching this thread with interest. Fortunately, I’ve not experienced this issue myself. I have just checked my BT hub and the lease renews every 14 days. My NDS does not use a static IP address and is hard wired.

As I posted above, BT reset at every 14 days or so and that normally includes a new BT (exchange end) IP Address.
The BT Hub (router) IP’s should not change, BT protocol is set to remember all connected devices with or without DHCP, plus the Smarthub 2 has an option ‘switch’ to Always Use This IP (Y/N).

I had something similar to this problem with my ND5 XS. When selecting a new track after listening for a while it couldn’t find the network. Power cycling cleared it until the next time. More recently it couldn’t find the network from power on. I rebooted my main switch and moved DHCP duties back to my Windows server (I had been running DHCP on my Synology NAS). So far so good.

My conclusion? It was a network thing and the ND5 XS was fine. ‘Fiddling’ with my network cleared the problem.

I’m starting too come full circle on this issue, having thought it was network related initially. My BT bill came the other day and reminded me I should be getting about 73 mbps so I thought I’d check…9 mbps which explained why a few things were a bit slow. I logged on to the BT online checks and they reset the router, straight away I had 67 mbps which I thought OK. Shortly after that I had nothing - the router seemed to have failed totally, no lights, nothing would work. Luckily I had an unused Smart Hub so I swapped that in and everything was fine. In setting that up I had switched everything off, so went through the sequential reconnection, starting with the switch and leaving a gap between each item - everything came back on and is now working as expected (internet speed is still 67 - 70 mbps) - except the NDS which still keeps telling me no network.

I then wondered about the NAS but that is showing aok on the QNAP dashboard, and the Sonos system which also reads from the NAS works without problems.

So, it looks like the NDS may be having problems and maybe a visit to the dealer to send it to Naim, but before I do that (and suffer a lengthy period without streaming) can anyone think of anything else I should check?

My guess is that your NDS is still trying to find your old router and won’t let go of it. Have a look in Network Settings and see what it shows under Status.
Also if you log into the router is the NDS listed as a client with an IP address?

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I think you are right - the NDS was showing disconnected so I removed the ethernet cable and replaced and it now shows as connected - and works as expected too. Hopefully that will be the final piece of the jigsaw…thanks very much you may well have saved me a lot of trouble and heartache!

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changing dchp lease times is pointless.

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Having done the experiment of setting the lease times to max and then having a disconnection a day later I agree. What I did find in the settings of my router was an ADSL ‘stability adjustment’ which was set to zero (no auto setting available) previously. The router was saying the ‘live’ figure was -3.2db so have now set this to -3db in the parameter. So far, touch wood, no drop outs in the last 3 days

I’m afraid I spoke too soon - same problem occurred again last night. The NDS shows not connected in Network settings and I can’t see it in the router although there are other items I can see identified with numbers that don’t make much sense - most are “smartphones” Ii think but one can’t be identified by the router and shows as disconnected.
I can do a factory reset of the NDS tonight but I didn’t think that changed anything to do with the network. Do I need to change something in the Router, or maybe the NAS/Asset?

Perhaps set the NDS to a fixed IP? That way there will be no DHCP renew and it ought to stay connected. You may need to reserve this IP in your router to stop other devices getting it if the NDS is switched off. Alternatively, set an IP in the same subnet but outside the DHCP range managed by your router.