NDS or NDX 2?

What I purchased my NDS I had an XPS-DR. The dealer informed me that the non DR 555PS would not necessarily be an outright winner over the XPS-DR. He said that some things would be better with the 555ps but not everything and the XPS DR would win on other things. I think its a muscle over refinement difference from what he said. The advice was not to ‘upgrade’ to a non DR version but stick with the XPS DR.

Of course the DR version is a different matter and there was no question in the dealers mind as to the superiority of the 555PS DR in every way.

I suspect the above would ring true with the NDX2 as well, perhaps even more so as the NDX2 was designed and released post DR PSU’s whereas the NDS was designed before the DR technology.


Well if you remember the NDS was launched at around the same time that Naim introduced their low noise DR enhancements into their powersupplies, and so i understood the NDS was designed and tuned for the use with DR power-supplies.

I always found the NDAC sounded best with non DR 555PS whilst the NDS sounded best with DR 555PS(s)…

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@Mike_S I’ve haven’t heard the XPSDR. I already had my 555PSDR with nDAC before I bought the NDX2, so I was aware of what it could do with the uplifting the performance of the nDAC.

The NDX2 with 555PSDR really opens up the soundstage, with greater slam and authority, and better control on the bass. I expect XPSDR could bring much of the benefits too. The May hifi+ magazine gives a good review of NDX2 + XPSDR. If you can I would listen to both PSUs. I appreciate 555PSDR is a bigger financial hit. I got a good deal on a preloved PSU so it was worth it.



Yes I think you are correct, both introduced in 2012 whereas the NDX came before it.

I certainly found this to be true with my 272.



Graeme, I think you’ll find the NDS was designed with DR PSU technology in mind. The NDX and NDAC were not.

A little more digging shows that Naim announced the NDS in February 2012 and the DR upgrades in May with a concession on upgrade prices for units shipped after March.

It’s therefore reasonable to assume that the development of the NDS considered both the non DR and DR versions of the power supplies.

Sorry, I meant NDX.


Although there is no going back once you have acquired the 555 I sometimes reminisce about how sweet was my NDS. It really only shined with an 555PS-DR, there is very little question about it. Any PSU alternative should only be temporary - life is too short. :sunglasses:

Chag -

Hi mate
Quick question, Does the NDX2 show both track info and album art for each track/LP

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Yes, it displays the album artwork and then you can toggle the track information using the remote. It works that same as the new Uniti’s, except it doesn’t have the proximity sensor (which would have been nice).

I thought it went from track name to art, then when you play next track it would show track name then art again, without the remote.
Just I’m on beta test at the mo …

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Yes, it does that too.

I have a Linn Klimax, 10 years old without the Katalyst upgrade. Where would this be compared to the NDX or NDX2? Any thoughts?

How about NDS+555 DR vs NDX 2 +555 DR. What are the differences?

I have never compared NDX2 to NDS so my post is off topic. But when I heard Naim CD S3 against NDX2 at a hi-fi fair in Jönköping Sweden, S3 was completely superior to NDX2 in my ears. We were many people who thought the same.

Was the CDS3 powered with the 555PS DR? Wonderful player imo. Not surprised it sounded better to your ears. There is something wonderful about the CDS3.

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I am not sure what power supply had switched on … but they connected the same power supply when they switched to S3.
The seller wanted to show how good the NDX2 is … BUT !!! it was no match.
The S3 was brutally much better

Thanks for your input! I decided to get an NDX 2, I should get this next week.

I will post again when I have it installed.


the problem with ndx2, nds…is the network optimizations. If you connect the ndx2 to a cheap switch and ethernet cable, the cdx2 or cds3 will sound more involving and lively.
Add a cisco switch, good quality ethernet cables, a melco nas…and your cds3 is forgotten.