NDS or NDX 2?

Hi All

I have a main system with a 552 DR and a 300 DR which is for my vinyl. I also listen to some CDs but that equipment is not the same quality as my record spinner…

I have a second system with an HDX and I would like to add a streamer so that I can access my CDs in main system.

I am current looking at an NDS or NDX 2- I would appreciate hearing any thoughts or recommendations you have.


Bear in mind that an NDS requires a PSU so the NDX2 may work out cheaper.

Looking at used prices, you might get an NDS and an XPS, or even an older 555PS, for roughly the same price as a new NDX2. While the NDS had a higher place in the Naim heirarchy, there’s no substitute for listening yourself to decide which you prefer.
You should also consider the type of use you envisage for the streamer. People tend to start out thinking that they will just stream their own CDs from a server, but once you have a streamer, and start to explore its full capabilities, you may find yourself increasingly making use of web streaming services. In this case, the newer streamer models would be a better bet in my opinion, as the older models, based on a platform that was developed over 10 years ago, has some shortcomings, and will be harder for Naim to support than the newer models.


IMO a used NDS with either XPS-DR or non-DR 555PS will sound better than a brand new bare NDX2.

If you are just streaming from the HDX then the NDS will be fine but I agree with ChrisSU that if you intend to stream from Tidal/Qobuz or similar streaming service then the latter option may have a longer lifespan due to the new streaming platform.


Hi Chris and Matt

your thinking is pretty much what I had in mind. Interesting point about the streaming services- I have never used them before, I have to investigate this!

And I think if I get the upgrade of a power supply for the NDX 2 it will be nearer to the NDS.

Agree that listening is the best solution, but I live in Switzerland and there aren’t that many shops. That’s one thing I miss about not living in London…


I pondered this when upgrading my NDX, considering an NDX2 or NDS.

I went for the NDS and couldn’t be more delighted. I didn’t listen but the dealer who I trust and respect did advise me that the NDS is still quite a step up from the NDX2. Not surprising when you look at the internals that have many similarities with the ND555 (DAC, Brasswork no internal PSU etc).

If you can live with the limitations in functionality the NDS is an absolute bargain now.


İ did go for ndx2 for roon and hopefully better streaming performance than my old 272

I take the NDX2 - better supported and more future proof, especially for better support of streaming services if you eventually go there. Factor in the display will also fail at some point and will need replacing. Other than that, on a SQ vs Cost at the present going rate, a used NDS makes it an absolute bargain.

I think the streaming question is very pertinent. If you ultimately find you’d like to use Roon as a common integrator for the likes of Qobuz which Naim’s App does not recognise on the NDS; then you should be clear as to how the NDS can be made to work seamlessly with Roon. Not essential but seems very popular and for non-computer literates, like me(!!) it is a frustrating process to avoid being offered yet more boxes to make it all hang together.


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As someone who never thought they would want Roon or music streaming, I’ve ended up with both. Of course you’re never going to fully future proof, but the latest naim streamer platform should be powerful enough for a good few years of service enhancements and subsequent firmware revisions.

I went with the NDX 2. I have worked in IT since '83 and technology advances faster than most of us can keep up. So when it came to Networking devices I choose the most recent release. I thought it was a better investment for the future.


Good luck with your decision…

I noticed that you have a good vinyl front end. If you are happy with that you may not get streaming once the novelty has worn off. It leaves me cold tbh. However, to access new music I can see it’s attraction. If I were you I might go for the new baby Naim streamer just to learn the ropes and see how you get on. It is something that I consider from time to time but always go back to vinyl.

You could also look for a CDS3 for playing your CDs?


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I just love the NDX2

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Well it has taken several weeks now, and my goodness my NDX2 is sounding amazing, listening to Supertramp’s Lord is it mine and it’s just fantastic. Best decision I have ever made. Well done Naim for producing something that I have been missing for many years.


In good network conditions with local streaming the NDS with its PSU(s) is more insightful, detailed and refined than the NDX2 when using the analogue outs.
If using the digital out to drive a DAC, then the NDX2 is some way ahead, with its refined architecture, service flexibility, improved network interoperability and improved noise management.


I agree it’s a fantastic streamer, and I’m fortunate enough to have it paired with PS555 DR. It takes it to a whole new level.


Agreed. The NDX2 with 555PSDR brings the performance close to the NDS, with the added benefit of a more stable Tidal connection (and a better screen of course :grinning:)


Cheers all

How does the 555 make such a difference…keen to understand
Many thanks

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Would you pick the 555PS over the XPSDR, I’d be paired with a SN2? Might be hard for me to demo both options.

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