NDS - power alternatives

I bought a Zoneripper. I just feed CDs into it. It then rips the CD and goes on to the integrated hard drive. The music is then playable on the NDS throught the Naim app. It all works really well and means CDs can be stored in the loft!

Zoneripper is bottom left.


What size/capacity of Zoneripper did you go for?

I replaced ndx/ndac/555 with nds. The nds/555 was much better in every way. The ndx/ndac/555 was really good and I thought long and hard about changing it for the nds, but almost instantly upon the nds being played it was as if the room had come alive and the singer was a real person in the room rather than a recording.
I was still experiencing the wow factor for months after purchase, which is unusual for me as I find any upgrades become accepted as “the norm” fairly quickly.


nice system! I used to have 52 also, which is really good, esp the slowness presentation.

so you ripped the files in ZoneRipper and store them into a NAS then played thru the network on NDS ?

The files are stored in the Zoneripper.

I just ripped my CDs to a NAS using a PC

I went for the 2 TB Zoneripper and everything is stored on there! Makes life easy.

You can rip your cd’s using a laptop (OS X or Windows) and readily available software (dbPoweramp, etc etc). There will be NO degradation in the data. The trick is to have a digital player that you enjoy listening to. I’ve never heard a CDS3, but I did own an NDS for several years and we enjoyed it a lot.

Thanks !

Wow, just goes to show we are all different. I much preferred NDS/555ps over nDac/555ps having had both and now just the NDS. Amplification may play a part though.

Rest of system is 552DR/300DR/NBLs

As others mentioned, the 250 (and 300, 500) does not provide power to any preamp. You’ll need a HiCap (or FlatCap, SuperCap) to power a preamp with a 250. The 202 will also benefit with a NAPSC, but it works without. The 282 requires NAPSC but includes it automatically.

FWIW: I use a Mac Mini with USB CD drive to rip CDs to FLAC files using the XLD app. That has worked great for me, although I haven’t purchased a new CD in the last five years or so.

Question for all the NDS owner,

Does the NDS come with 1 or 2 burndy cables originally ?


Two, if bought with the burndy pack. None if not.

With 0. You have to bought 2. But probably the seller will sell the 2 with the nds…as a package

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