NDS problem with ENO network filter

Having difficulty getting an ENO network filter to work with an NDS and CISCO 2960. Works fine without the ENO but no amount of rebooting of the CISCO the router and the NDS will get the network connection to show it’s connected.

Given that you very likely don’t need the filter in the first place, just don’t get it and avoid spending £695 on something that sounds highly dubious.

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On what branch of the switch do you have it connected ?
Have you tried it on another branch ??
If it fails on another branch, it needs to be returned.

Second question is what is it supposed to do, I read the blurb & it says it filters out noise, but what noise is this, each of the RJ45 ports on your system have integral galvanic isolators, the router, the in & out switch ports, NAS & NDS, this means the one or other of the routes to your NDS has 4 isolators in that line, what will another one do ??

I am genuinely curious, is there a technical report on it - thats not ENO stuff.
I ask because I’ve tried a load of ethernet ‘filters’ & none did what they claim to do, that is none made a SQ improvement, some did nothing others sounded worse.

I’ve moved the connection to another port. I’ve no idea what it does. A friend has brought it round to try. He uses it on a Meridian system and wouldn’t have bought it if it didn’t make a difference. I’m delighted with the NDS as it’s new to me and even more so that I’m not spending money on this device. Unless of course I can get it to work and hear a worthwhile difference.

My varifocals must be playing up because I can’t tell whether the writing says ‘for music’ or ‘for mugs’.

My ENO filter & ag cable work well into my NDX2, and also my Atom when testing. This has been with Cisco 2960 and now with the EE8 switch

When I first installed the ENO filter it didn’t work, as in there was a lot of ‘hash’ noise. I rebooted all elements in the chain and it settled down immediately.

I am keeping mine in conjunction with the additional cable.

I did hear of a ND555 owner who had no discernible improvement with the ENO, maybe because of the improved isolation in the 555.

Also, the Telegartner RJ45 connectors used in the ENO products are a very tight fit in the corresponding RJ45 socket and do need to be pushed home for an audible click.

Hi Ackers,

I use the ENO filter and it had a consistently positive effect on my system, as did the matching cable. Like you I use it with a 2960 but my streamer is the Meridian 210.

I have had a couple of issues with comms historically, but a reboot of the Meridian sorted it out. As it has been in place for months now I have had no issues, at least with the ENO.

My advice would be to contacts the company.


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