Nds software upgrade

Good evening,
I both an NDS with old software (i forgot the version). Following the instruction of Naim I did the update to version 4.6 but no way to play spotify and tidal since both do not appear as option of the menu in the app I install on my smartphone.
I have an Unitiquite and tidal and spotify play without any problem. Anybody can help me.


Might it be that under “Settings” and “Input Settings” Tidal and Spotify “inputs” are not enabled (they might be turned off)?

That would be my thoughts on it too…

Your problem is because in the 4.6 upgrade, Naim forgot the Spotify and Tidal libraries, so if you are coming from an earlier firmware, unless you did the 4.4 update before 4.6, you will find they are missing. Fortunately it’s easy to fix. You just need to now do the 4.7 firmware update and it will all reappear.

Or if you really want to stay on 4.6 for some reason, then you just need to do 4.4 and then 4.6 again.

By the way, this isn’t guesswork. I was the beta tester who discovered this problem with the 4.6 firmware release and the advice above is the real deal.




Thank’s a lot I will follow your suggestions. Best regards. Salvatore

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