NDS, what temp should it be?

Hey, I have a NDS/252/300DR and I have a custom build casing for it and the NDS does get toasty so I was wondering what Temperature it should be run and it it’s affecting its sound.

Cheers, Mr. M

Is the nds modified with new casework, or you mean it’s in a custom made stand?

I wouldn’t worry if it’s forty something deg C or thereabouts. It will run hotter if you have it confined in a cabinet but it shouldn’t affect the sound quality. But if it were me, I would want to make sure it was well ventilated…



It’s not unusual for streamers and DACs to run quite warm, and it surprises some people when it feels warmer than the amp.
If you mean that you’ve built a cupboard to put the whole system in, that may cause overheating, especially in hot weather or when the system is playing loud, unless it is well ventilated.

Mine used to run pretty hot. Not too hot to touch but sometimes approaching it and always noticeably hot. The ND555 doesn’t run cool either. Generally and within reason, the hotter the better. Custom built casing? Maybe not such a good idea but it’s your NDS so you can do as you please. The OEM casing(s) will have been chosen and manufactured for a range of reasons which may include aesthetics and cost effectiveness, but sonic performance, thermal properties, longevity and other quality assurance factors will have been included. Naim are obsessive in that regard.

Hey Harry I should’ve maid it more clear of what has been done. I have a large ventilated cupboard like casing or furnishing over the systems Fraim which Does slightly heat the NDS and 252

Custom made cabinet for the fraim

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That’s a bit flash :slight_smile:

I think that unless you can smell something you’ll be fine.

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