NDS with CD555 PS - is it worth keeping

Hey everyone,

As I went down the rabbit hole of understanding Naim’s ecosystem I bought a lot of components not knowing much. What I have left is the NDS and the power supply. I don’t want to add more boxes for example getting a discontinued preamp with another external power supply. So first question: is it worth getting another preamp of another manufacturer to pair with the NDS and any suggestions which would have good synergy? Second, should I just sell the power supply and give away the NDS? Thanks for your input.

There are many members here that have an NDFS / 555PSdr fronting a full 500 system. And many with a 300 system. It’s a competent streamer.

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Hi David. Thanks for responding. Yeah, I ended up going full-on 500 series. Dual PSU for the ND555, 552, and 500 DR. So I have the NDS and CD555PS as leftovers. I don’t know what to do with them. The 500 series is in my studio/office and at home I wanted a more compact system and went with a Lumin T2 with the JS-2 PSU with Buchardt A10s connected with XLRs.

Sorry for my ignorance @david1111 what is NDFS?

I see what you mean. joasop. As the NDS is a doorstop without a PS, maybe selling them together would be good. But giving to someone who could add a PS when they can … even a different, cheaper, PS initially, would be a nice gesture.

No … sorry for my typing skills and poor editing. An NDFS is an NDS with an F where it shouldn’t be.

If you can live with its limitations in terms of connectivity, the NDS/555 is still a brilliant streamer. If you partner it with a decent amp it could be part of a great system, even with a decent integrated. I’m not the world’s biggest fan of the Supernait, but with an NDS in front of it, you would still have a great 3 box system, or there are plenty of non-Naim integrated amps that would work well if you don’t want a big stack of boxes.

This was the heart of my system for a while – Supernait2, NDS, 555PS. Made lovely music.


Sling it my way. I take that rubbish off your hands for free. I’ll even pay the postage :joy:

But seriously, the NDS is very competent when fed by a local NAS or even as a DAC. It will fetch a couple grand easily.