NDS with Sonictransporter

Hi all,

I have been combing the forum to get a how to guide connecting my SonicTransporter to the NDS. I am not sure how it is supposed to connect and thought it was a plug and play solution using the SonoreUPnP Bridge app in the sonicTransporter. Am I correct in assuming this high level theory? The NDS connects to the sonicTransporter via UPnp and I can then use Roon on the sonicTransporter to play the streaming services and the NDS outputs it via RCA cables to my Platin Hub that wirelessly sends the signal to the Buchardt A10 active speakers.

I am trying to get the best sound quality and thought that maybe NDS to the hub would be best vs a Lumin T2 connected via XLR to the A10s directly or even using the sonicTransporter via Roon to the Plain hub.

Figuring this all out so that I can sell the systems that I don’t use. IMHO out of the box NDS → RCA → to Platin Hub → wireless to the A10. I use the Naim app but it’s not as pretty and nice as Roon and as well it doesn’t support Qobuz which I might just get rid of and stick with Tidal.

Answers are appreciated so that I can figure this all out.

Have you tried Audirivana? connects to nds with upnp over wifi, plays hires, you just need a computer somewhere to run it. can control it using an iphone etc. sounds wicked, no gadgets needed

I haven’t tried. I am seeing if I can make things work with the hardware I currently have.

Hi again. I couldn’t get it to work after another attempt. I tried Audirivana and it worked straight out of the box in 2 minutes. You are right where it sounds great. Now what to do is the question. Thanks for your recommendation.


This is my plan having played around with Audirivana for around 6 months, get a mac mini and that fancy new ipad pro. continue enjoying my NDS with x2 555ps


Did you use Roon before? I have Roon and I switch between two systems. One at home and one at my office. I just don’t want to pay for two services. What is it that you like about Audirvana?

I have never used Roon, was recommended Audirvana by a forum member and have continued to use it.

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My setup with NDS works fine with a Sonicorbiter. Have you tried going to sonicorbiter.com and using the ‘manage’ app?

As I have a number of Naim boxes in various rooms I also use RooExtend on a Raspberry Pi, which I find convenient.